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Celebration of the 63rd Anniversary of True Mother's first visit to Busan (True Mother's speech)
Date created : 2023-06-24/ Views : 1612

Celebration of the 63rd Anniversary of True Mother's first visit to Busan (True Mother's speech)

23 May 2023, Busan Church



It is a new era, a new chapter in history, a new millennium. I was infinitely grateful to dedicate the Cheon Won Gung and Cheon Il Sanctum, which Heavenly Parent had so longed for and desired to see. . From the outset, our Creator’s intention was to become the True Parent of humanity. God created the heavens and the earth, then created man and woman, who were to become the ancestors of humanity, to whom He gave a period of growth. The intangible Heavenly Parent intended to live with them after they reached perfection, and to become the True Parent of humanity. However, the first human ancestors were unable to achieve perfection and fell, thus being excluded from the Garden of Eden. This has led to fallen humanity and a fallen world that has nothing to do with God the Creator. For this reason, the history of humanity has been a continuous search for peace. However, because of wars, conflicts, or diseases, we have not been able to see the peaceful world we have long dreamed of, not even for a day or even a moment. However, God the Creator is omniscient and omnipotent. He is the beginning and the end. What is it that He should do then? What I mean is that it is impossible to get rid of fallen humanity and recreate them. Thus, the course of restoration through indemnity through which God sought lost humanity is the history of the providence of salvation. God chose the people of Israel to conduct the history of the providence of salvation. . If you look in the Old Testament, it says that through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God found a lineage that could stand out from fallen humanity. This lineage expanded to become a tribe, a people, and then a nation, that of Israel under the Roman Empire. It took 4,000 years to carry out the providence of salvation and restoration through indemnity in order to repair the serious mistakes. Can you imagine how painful these 4,000 years were? After 4,000 years, God sent the one whom He could call "My Son," Jesus Christ. . Before being crucified, Jesus promised to return. Christianity was born in anticipation of Jesus' return through the apostles. I will return. What did he say he would do when he returns? He said he would make the marriage feat of the lamb. What does this mean ? Originally, God the Creator wanted to become the [substantial] True Parent through a perfect man and woman. This is the task that Jesus was supposed to fulfill. To realize the ideal of creation, God had to find a people capable of giving birth to the Only Daughter, who did not appear 2,000 years ago. This is the Korean people, the "people dressed in white," who lived by honoring Heaven and placing God above all. They never attacked another country, and always managed to get by when they got attacked. Christianity came about thanks to the apostles who were waiting for Jesus' return after his crucifixion. Ignorant of Jesus' essence, Christianity that was impatiently awaiting his return, And could spread throughout the world in its 2,000 years of existence. Unfortunately, communist ideas emerged from nations with Christian roots, notably atheism that denies the existence of God. We, humans, products of creation, must know that such a doctrine, this ideology that ignores and denies God, the Creator and owner of the universe, cannot guide the world. At a given time, God established many righteous people in different parts of the world and has also allowed specific religions to guide these regions through these righteous people. The aim of any religion should be to be able to explain the Creator and to deeply comprehend His essence. God waited for the birth of True Parents who were always aware of His heart and who were able to prepare the environment in which He could embrace all humanity. There have been many problems in the history of Christianity because it has been mainly man-centered. Thus the Protestant Reformation took place. It was initiated by (Martin) Luther and then given shape by the doctrine of (John) Calvin, thus marking the grand beginnings of Protestantism. However, Korea experienced a great awakening through the Spirit and the Word of Truth thanks to an American Protestant Church in Pyongyang. However, strange signs of the international situation appeared on the Korean peninsula. I was born in 1943, which means I am eighty years old today. After its liberation [from Japanese imperialism] in 1945, the peninsula was divided into South Korea and North Korea. North Korea was progressing in a well-established communist system, while South Korea, without real leaders, was struggling to get organized. At that time, North Korea was preparing to invade the South, and the war finally broke out on June 25, 1950. I was born in North Korea and stayed there until 1948. According to the principle of creation, God the Creator gave humans a period of growth. So, if I am the unique Daughter, God was obliged to protect me until I grew up and served Him of my own free will. He had to protect me. . Do you know how the United Nation's 16 countries came to be involved in this war? It's not because of human strength or effort. It's because Heaven has done its work. Who was it in favour of? God had no choice but to ensure the birth of of His only begotten Daughter, who was to assume the responsibility to fulfil His ideal of creation. As we quietly move towards towards the day of the completion of the providence, we see that the foundation of our worldwide missionary work is as good as that of Christianity. In addition, thanks to the Marriage Blessing of the True Families Movement, blessed families who are aware of God's heart have spread throughout the world. In the meantime, we have been working for the salvation of the world for more than 40 years, relying on the United States. We couldn't deal with Korea properly. However, this nation must become the central homeland of providence, the homeland of the heavenly Parent. So that its people, North and South, can unite, we needed the support of the whole world, this is how providence unfolded across the world. Today, a new era, a new providential history has been proclaimed by True Parents. We proclaimed the Foundation Day of Cheon Il Guk, then Cheon Il Guk was established. To do this, it was necessary to establish the condition of restoring at least 7 nations, 7 religious groups and a continent. Only then was it possible. I've succeeded. 10 years ago, I said I would build Cheon Won Gung Cheonil sanctum. We can now see and learn at a glance the 6,000-year history of heaven's providence through the 14 sacred paintings works of art made of mother-of-pearl, showing how the eternal Creator, our heavenly Parent led the providence for the salvation of fallen humanity. They are unique works of art created by some of the finest artists in the world. Humanity will live forever if planet Earth is not destroyed. However, there is still so much for us to do today. Originally, God the Creator created a beautiful and healthy planet Earth for humans. In the meantime, the earth's environment has been progressively damaged and destroyed due to the ignorance of fallen humanity. One scientist has declared that planet earth has already faced five crises in its billions of years of existence, and that the current 6th crisis it is facing could lead to its extinction. Should it come to that? (No) Of course not, right? (yes) I don't know what it was like in the past, but we shouldn't serve the Heavenly Parent and let such a thing happen, right? (Yes) So there's so much to do. The people of this nation must fully assume their responsibility as a chosen people who serve and honor the Heavenly Parent. We who live today have a responsibility to heal and save this planet Earth, which is like the Creator's treasures. For this to happen, the nations that serve True Parents must join forces. must join forces, right? (Yes) That's why national restoration is absolutely necessary. What should the people of Korea, the central nation, do to be at the forefront of national restoration? We have to achieve it first, don't we? (Yes) I love you guys. I sincerely wish for all of you to become those who can proudly state to your descendants that you were the ancestors, the parents, who lived in this proud era.

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