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AOD List
No Subject MY Listen
14 12. Heart of the Father (Guitar Version) my
13 11. Suffering Heart (Guitar Version) my
12 10. Song of the Victors (Guitar Version) my
11 9. My Promise (Guitar Version) my
10 8. New Song of Inspiration (Guitar Version) my
9 7. Song of the Spring Breeze (Guitar Version) my
8 6. Shining Fatherland (Guitar Version) my
7 5. Principled Soldiers (Guitar Version) my
6 4. Song of the Heavenly Soldiers (Guitar Version) my
5 3. Grace of the Holy Garden (Guitar Version) my
4 2. Your Glory (Guitar Version) my
3 1. Blessing of Glory (Guitar Version) my
2 I`ll Never Leave You. my
1 The Lord Is One. my

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