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The Ambassadors for Peace Nationwide Rallies for Unity and Peace (December 8, 2006)
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The Mission of Ambassadors for Peace at the Dawn of the Era after the Coming of Heaven


True Father delivered this address on December 8, 2006 at the Korea International Exhibition Center, in Goyang, Korea, as one of the Ambassadors for Peace Nationwide Rallies for Unity and Peace.


Respected ambassadors for peace, ladies and gentlemen:

All of you took a historic step by coming here today. Since the tumultuous outcry at the arrival of the new millennium, I still hear everyone’s jubilation ringing loudly in my ears. Yet, two years have already gone by since I proclaimed the realm of the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten Combining Two Halves (Ssang Hap Ship Seung Il) for the dawning Era after the Coming of Heaven with new hope for the future. This declaration has delivered a promise of new hope for a bright future to the hearts of the 6.5 billion people around the world. Indeed, ever since, I am keeping myself busy building Cheon Il Guk, spending each day as if it were a thousand years, and as if a thousand years were one day.

God is calling upon you as representative leaders of the ambassadors for peace in this nation. You are proud descendants of a long line of Korean people, who were born with the spirit to promote humanity’s welfare. In light of this, as we usher in this precious and significant time in God’s providence, I would like to take this opportunity to convey to you a special message from Heaven regarding the direction and mission humanity must undertake from this time forward. The topic of my speech today is, “The Mission of Ambassadors for Peace at the Dawn of the Era after the Coming of Heaven.”


We should live in peace

Is there a dream common to all people regardless of sex, age, time or place? Throughout the ages, people everywhere have yearned and hoped for the realization of the ideal of world peace. However, never in history has everlasting peace been achieved that would bring joy to Heaven. This fact remains the basis of our historical sorrow and anguish.

What went wrong? What brought humankind to descend into ignorance of the ideal that God cherishes for his creation? Perfection cannot exist in ignorance, even if one waits for ten thousand years.

Throughout history, people have applied their paltry human efforts to pursuit of peace. Human beings without exception are the children of Satan. Every person is born inheriting Satan’s lineage. Please reflect on your own experience for a moment. At every moment and in every aspect of your daily lives, aren’t good and evil at war within you, each trying to gain the upper hand? Since we are imperfect human beings, the peace movements we have carried out throughout history have always encountered limitations and met with failure.

Ladies and gentlemen, by virtue of Rev. Moon’s devotion to the path of Heaven throughout the more than eighty years of his life, a new world is emerging. On this victorious foundation, the revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven has been proclaimed. We are now living in the age of heavenly fortune, an age in which all people can be liberated and delivered from the quagmire of sin. It is the era in which the world of freedom and happiness, the ideal world as originally envisioned at the time of the Creation, can be established.


The reasons God chose me

There are several clear reasons why Heaven designated the person standing before you, Rev. Moon, as the True Parent of humankind, and thereby opened up a new era. First, I have succeeded in practicing the way of living for the sake of others. That is, throughout my life I have practiced the values of true love, emerged triumphant, and offered that triumph to humanity. All people are born to live for the sake of others. However, because of ignorance resulting from the Fall, people practice the complete opposite, selfish individualism. I revealed this secret of Heaven, and this knowledge has been imparted to humankind for the first time in history. God is fully aware of the path my life has taken through thick and thin.

Second, I have dedicated my life to overcoming all obstacles and laying a victorious foundation. Through the education provided by the actual practice of true love, I have fulfilled all the necessary conditions for recovering and establishing the parent-child relationship between God and humankind. I have opened the way for human beings, who had become the children of the adulterer Satan, the enemy of love, and who have lived as slaves to false love, false life and false lineage, to be reborn and resurrected into the true lineage of God, the source of true love. In other words, I have opened wide the path for people to reach full spiritual maturity as individuals and to establish true families, true clans, true peoples, true nations and a true world through leading lives of true love.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we make our way in the world, we find that, inevitably, many connections and relationships influence our lives. Most of these connections come about as a result of the choices we make and the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We make relationships that can be changed or erased through our own effort whenever we like.

On the other hand, heavenly relationships, which God bequeaths to us from the moment of our birth, lie outside the realm of choice. These fundamental and inescapable relationships are based by blood connections. Even though you may dislike your parents or siblings, for example, you cannot change them by choice or vote them out of office. This is because they are connected to you through ties of blood. Once you are born into the family with the surname Kim, you have to live forever as part of the lineage of the Kim family.

What is the reason humankind has yet to escape from the snare of sin? It is because people are born with Satan’s false lineage. Yet that inheritance is not an innate blood connection that Heaven bestows in accordance with the providential will and purpose. It is not based upon the Principle. Rather, it is a connection that came about in violation of the Principle, brought about by human error.


Cross-cultural blessing

Therefore, all people, regardless of who they are, belong to the fallen lineage. All people without exception must be born again through changing their lineage. This is the only way we can be restored into the originally-intended blood relationship that God has bequeathed to us.

Furthermore, the best way to restore people to the position of God’s children by changing their lineage is through the cross-cultural marriage blessing. This is a revolutionary happening, creating the heavenly lineage on an entirely new level, transcending the walls of race, culture, nationality and religion. This act severs all links of enmity. It is the sacred rite of the change of lineage, through which all can be re-created through the True Parents. They are the King and Queen of Peace, the manifestations of God in substance, who enable God to exercise his providence in the modern world.

Beloved ambassadors for peace, place your hand on your chest and ponder this question quietly in your heart: Is there any other way to deliver this world from the wars and antagonism we see around us? Is there a way more certain to create one global family, where there is no hatred between family members, than through cross-cultural marriages between enemy clans or (going a step further) between enemy nations?

Ladies and gentlemen, you each are in the position of a leader representing the 1.2 million ambassadors for peace around the world who are spearheading the revolutionary Era after the Coming of Heaven. You are Heaven’s emissaries who must fulfill the dual missions of the “peace kingdom police force” and “peace kingdom corps,” which are responsible for ensuring the peace and happiness of humankind in the future. Therefore, Buddha, Confucius, Jesus and Muhammad, as well as hundreds of generations of your ancestors, have mobilized to watch your every move.


A revolutionary new era

We need to seek out and establish “God’s kingdom and his righteousness,” because to live in a nation that serves and attends God as its center is everyone’s ultimate destination. What does “God’s kingdom” mean? It signifies the kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world. It is a nation that resembles the form of a model true family with three generations living together in harmony, trusting, respecting and supporting one another and becoming one in love. In short, it is the nation that humanity has longed for throughout the ages, the utopia where God is sovereign.

What, then, is meant by “his righteousness”? It signifies the heavenly way and heavenly rule. Each of us on earth has been commanded to pass judgment, with the heavenly authority of true love, upon this evil world that suers under scheming, treacherous regimes. It is our duty to establish the ideal, peaceful world of true love, a liberated, free world based on justice and truth.


Your role

After all, humanity is meant to become one family. The remarkable advances of modern science are contributing greatly to making this world one global village. The time has come to establish the beautiful kingdom of the peaceful, ideal world, where whites and blacks, Orientals and Westerners, live together in harmony as one great family.

You are the peace ambassadors and special envoys of Heaven who are conveying my teachings and educating others to establish exemplary families through true love, true life and true lineage. You, who have become ambassadors for peace, must now go forward with the conviction and dignity of a prophet who comes with Heaven’s truth, having no fear of the path of death. Go out as Heaven’s special envoys, and God will certainly grant you eternal life.

All around the world, couples joined in cross-cultural marriage blessings are putting down the roots of God’s true love. The new heavenly lineage is bearing fruit. The day draws near when this beautiful earth will become the original garden of Eden, where we will enjoy everlasting peace and happiness. Surely innumerable generations of our descendants will shout, “Hallelujah for God’s kingdom of Cheon Il Guk!”

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