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True Mother's Message at Hoondokhwe(September 17, 2015)
Date created : 2015-11-10/ Views : 301

True Mother’s Message 2

True Parents’ Providence is to Find a Nation


When all the main events held in commemoration of the third anniversary of True Father’s ascension had concluded, True Mother held a Victory Celebration Special Assembly. Church leaders and staff members attended this  on September 17, at Cheon Jeong Gung. The Special Assembly began with a reading from Chambumo Gyeong: ‘Establishing Educational Institutions and Nurturing Human Beings’ (Chambumo Gyeong, Book 9 Section 3). In her message, True Mother stressed not to cease after successfully concluding the ascension commemoration but to do our best to achieve Heaven’s providential goals. The following is the main content from her message:


The national leader and the Japanese wives often tell themselves that they know what happiness is. How is it for you? I am happy whenever I meet Mother. Mother is with us right now.” All the Japanese wives say in unison how authentically happy they are, but what about the male leaders here?

Regarding the third anniversary of True Father’s ascension, you may think that because you repented to Father for your shortcomings and for not having done better that you finished the anniversary event successfully inside and out. Isn’t that right? However, that is not the end.

God’s providence, which is working to save the fallen world has purpose. That is, establishing a nation. The standard of a nation! However, even though you know this from listening to True Parents, you did not fulfill your responsibilities before Father ascended. Within the six thousand years of God’s providential history is a history of Heavenly Parent’s grief and pain as he personally tended to the providence for four thousand years. From awakening individuals and families to separating them from the fallen world, he cultivated people until his providence reached the standard of a nation.

At the time when God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, the Israelites should have united with Jesus, completed the national standard through which Heaven could reign, and attend Jesus as their king. Instead, the Israelites had to pay a frightening amount of indemnity for two thousand years as lonesome wanderers with no identity. Do you understand this? Therefore, through Christianity’s two-thousand-year providential culture, wouldn’t this nation, where the Christ in his second coming, the True Parents, came, have responsibility? I wonder how much you are aware of the seriousness of this.

From now on, our providence, True Parents’ providence is to search for a nation. With the world as the object, we should meet God with at least seven nations on a restored standard by 2020. Are you ready for this? Do not simply respond— show proof, show results.

In order to do this you need to solve all humankind’s difficult problems, racial problems, and religious problems with True Parents and True Parents’ ideology. The Christian church calls us a cult, but an American pastor said that we are the legitimate one and traditional faiths are cults. They do not recognize the truth that Christianity’s two-thousand-year history was to prepare for the only-begotten-daughter of God. Even Father’s words that we read today said that a church must become a place of education. It must teach the truth. From that perspective, your task is [to become] true parents. Leaders from institutions and churches are here today. We have one goal. It is to make this nation one with True Parents. North-South unification. The fatherland, God’s homeland. Do you understand? We must unite and move in that direction. It is good to educate Ambassadors for Peace. You have worked hard to bring Sunmoon University to the level where this country recognizes it. However, that should not be the end. Education.

We have one goal. All our organizations should educate others about True Parents and guide them to develop into blessed families engrafted with new life through True Parents. In order to do that, we need to fulfill our responsibilities as tribal messiahs, which Father had requested us to do at his end. Many countries in Asia are developing at a surprising pace. How is Korea doing? We are so small with very little land. It is only a few hours even from here to Busan. You can go back and forth several times a day.

How many students are there at Sun Moon University? How many members are there among those ten thousand people? How are you going to tell students who are not members about True Parents before they graduate? You must work hard and bring results. The results are important.

“Going to Sunmoon University is an honor to one’s family. It is an honor to the student. I was able to newly discover myself and learn the purpose for living big by going there. It is a most prestigious school.” You should speak proudly in this way. Do you understand?  

Next, how many members are working at the Il Hwa Corporation? You should speak to your employees and have couples do a forty-day separation. Those who pass the forty-day separation should do the three-day ceremony. Only then will miracles happen. They will know that they have been born anew.

The work Regional President Yong is doing in Asia is exactly that. During the Three-Day Ceremony, you can see True Parents, one hundred percent. In this way, all the employees should be educated by reading from the Holy Scriptures of Cheon Il Guk.

The same holds true for other organizations, as it does for educating UPF Ambassadors for Peace. It is important to go to church, but you also must make it so that they pass what they need to pass. Only then can grace be given. If they cannot pass this, they cannot come in True Parents’ presence. They need go through engrafting. The world needs salvation, revival. Doesn’t it? With what can we do this? It is not possible with just the word. We need to practice the word. You should be grateful for the priceless grace that Heaven has given you and be engrafted. The six-thousand-year human history has actually been longer. How difficult has God’s existence been that time in the satanic realm? Our goal is clear.

How happy we are depends on how much effort we make.

What will happen to the people of the world if they come to know in detail about how to become perfected human beings and true families in body and spirit? Even if we are in a situation where we cannot receive anymore, they will try to break through and come anyways.

Just look at the powerful nations around us. Look at China. It looks like it is doing well but is is burdened with many problems. Human beings cannot intercept heavenly blessings, God’s blessings. Depending on how much human beings fulfill their responsibilities, those blessings can decline. Yet, through us, in the position of a fully ripened fruit, what will happen? A united world becomes possible.

I saw a series on the South Pacific Ocean regarding many issues on environmental pollution. Quite a lot of difficulties arose, even for a single island to exist and for all the birds and animals to access it. When looking at the earth from a satellite photo

the Pacific Ocean is so vast and a great distance separates tiny islands.

For example, after Hawaii and Jeju Island were made, the ecology, living organisms and plants and animals appeared. Due to us… Based on True Parents’ ideology, shouldn’t we make the world so that all of creation, which God had originally created, would following its own course, never changing, never disappearing, and the future eras could experience and feel the same things that we have? Yet when I looked at it, many places have been destroyed by human beings.

In a few years, the age will come when we cannot eat the seafood from our oceans.

Some scientists have predicted this. This is because we recklessly catch everything without plan, without leaving reserves. We are even destroying coral reefs. Do you understand?

Those who think they can say that they have accomplished everything and fulfilled all their responsibilities even to the last of their life before going to the spirit world, raise your hands.

True Father said that he has accomplished everything.

True Parents need to have a nation during their lifetimes. Only then can they embrace the world’s seven-billion people on the national level as soon as possible.

We need to make them aware of the Sunhak Peace Prize. It is different from past accomplishments. It is different from the Nobel Prize. It truly shows Heavenly Parent’s heart which loves humanity and heads toward world peace. This must take the lead and be propagated to the world of academics, to all the upper classes and not just in Korea, but in Japan, Asia, and the United States.

Ladies and gentlemen, even the organizations should fulfill the responsibility of tribal messiahs to bless more than 430 couples by 2020. It should be made so that the hearts of the people, the citizens, follow. Isn’t that true? What do we have to be afraid of now? Be confident. Why can’t you be proud? UPF, from now on you need to have them actually come to church. Those people need to receive education. You need to help them know that church is a place worthy of appreciation where their families have be saved. It does not matter how much worldly fame someone has; that is temporary. However, within True Parents’ ideology, whatever results one had and what responsibilities one fulfilled, those are eternal. Those who have them can become true owners, become pioneers. That is the path to becoming filial children and loyal subjects of our Heavenly Parent.

We must focus all our attention on that. The church needs to grow in order to restore the nation. The growth of the church means that we need more families that are blessed. By doing this, ours can become a good nation, God’s homeland. It should become a nation where Satan cannot exist, and cannot enter through the cracks. The politicians cannot solve everything not even the North-South problems that we are facing. They have everything. Why can’t they use those resources?

 You must teach others about True Parents while awake or asleep. Only on that path can you, your family, your nation and the world live. Thus, we will hold an event lauding the birth of True Parents during the next Foundation Day. It should be prepared as an exceptional event that can show how extensively True Parents are present in each nation or region all over the world. Therefore, you must let them know about of True Parents.