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Prayer Rally for the Salvation of Our Homeland and the Realization of a Heavenly Unified Korea (Dec. 5, 2021)
Date created : 2021-12-10/ Views : 2484

Attaining the Heavenly Kingdom on Earth

Respected religious leaders and everyone around the world joining at this time and offering sincere devotion while longing for the salvation of our homeland and for a heavenly unified Korea:

May the infinite grace of our Creator, God, our Heavenly Parent, be with you all. God, our Creator and humanity’s Heavenly Parent, created all things on this beautiful planet, Earth. God created the animal world, male and female, and the first human ancestors, man and woman. This man and woman was given time and freedom to grow. Unfortunately, they were unable to grow to perfection. They fell away and spawned a world of selfishness.

The history of fallen humanity spans thousands of years. It has seen war and conflict. People in all walks of life are unable to unite. Today, in particular, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have lost our freedom to interact in so many ways. Because powerful nations prioritize their own interests, poorer countries increasingly face difficulties.

Today, humanity desperately holds on to hope. Where is a nation that gives hope? You might ask why our Creator, humanity’s parent, would just watch people living in misery. What you need to understand is the true nature of our Creator. Our Creator is all-knowing and all-powerful. God created the world to be eternal and therefore assigned to human beings a portion of responsibility.

To save fallen humanity, who are like orphans, God allowed religions to arise in consonance with the world’s diverse cultural spheres. Through this, four main religions have emerged. At this point in time, God, the Creator, has the completion of his providence in sight. All religions, which have been heading toward this conclusion from the start, have almost reached their destination. Just as many tributaries of a river meet and form a huge waterfall and then flow on to the ocean, all religions, which have led the fallen people of today, must understand the true nature of God, the Creator, and take the path to unity in order to arrive at the conclusion of their long journey.

God conducted the providential work of salvation to save fallen humankind. An example of this is God selecting Israel as the chosen people, and through them, carrying out restoration through indemnity for four thousand long years. When they finally laid a national foundation, God sent Jesus Christ, his only begotten son. Among fallen humanity, God called Jesus his begotten son. He called him “my son.” Unfortunately, those around Jesus, including Mary, Zechariah’s family, the Sanhedrin and others were unable to recognize the Messiah for whom they had been longing and waiting.

Yet the messiah by himself is not enough. God created a man and a woman. Therefore, if the only begotten son, a man, is born, he must meet the only begotten daughter, a woman. Unfortunately, that did not happen two thousand years ago, and Jesus had no option but to go to the cross in the position of one who had lost everything. Yet he promised he would return and hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. These words reveal that Jesus’ mission was to establish the position of the True Parent for the salvation of humanity.

As the people were unable to receive Jesus, God’s only begotten daughter could not appear among them. This is because when a people are unable to fulfill their responsibilities, there will be indemnity. We know through observing history the kind of indemnity the people of Israel offered. Heaven’s providential will must be accomplished without fail. Thus, for a very long time, the concept of the chosen people was passed down among the Korean people.

The Korean people have never invaded a neighboring country. The original Korean kingdom, Gojoseon, once covered a large part of modern-day China. The citizens were a people that wore white clothing, who hated war and revered Heaven. Because they avoided war, their territory shrank down to what is now the Korean Peninsula. Heaven’s providence is profound and mysterious. The Korean Peninsula, this country, could never truly be at ease. Finally, after World War II, it was divided into North Korea and South Korea, between communism and democracy.

The Korean people, however, with their philosophy of revering Heaven, embraced Christianity more fervently than any other nation in the world. Even under Japanese oppression, the Korean people longed for independence. One of the key figures of the movement was Gwan-sun Yu, who was a young girl of only sixteen when she cried out “Mansei!” for independence. God accepted the sacrifice of this pure, unfallen young woman.


Christians’ limitations

However, Korean Christians did not know Jesus’ true nature and did not know what kind of being God, our Creator, is. Christianity arose after Jesus’ crucifixion, through rebirth by the Holy Spirit. In AD 313, the Roman emperor officially recognized Christianity. It moved beyond continental Europe to Britain, an island nation. At this point, worldwide evangelism began. However, when we look at Christian history, we see many issues and conflicts over the Bible, written by the Apostles, with different groups making their own assertions.

This is why a movement arose of conscientious, devout Protestants called Puritans, believers who attended God and were waiting for the Messiah who had promised to return. They decided to migrate to a new world where, unlike in Europe, they could freely serve God without any restrictions. They were the Pilgrim Fathers, and this was the beginning of America. They implemented a movement of serving God first. They prioritized building churches and schools over building their own homes. Thus, they contributed to the growth of a great nation, the United States.

Heaven worked with America, but Heaven did not bless America just for America’s sake. Heaven blessed America in the hope that it could take responsibility to share its blessings with the world. However, over the four hundred years since European settlers came to America, many problems arose. A time of urgency came when it could have fallen to communism. Reverend Moon, who came from a small war-torn country, set out to save the vast United States at a time when no one, not even American millionaires, contemplated doing that.

The United States was facing an indescribable crisis of family breakdown and drug use among youth. Reverend Moon came with the message, “The United States is sick, so I came as a doctor; America is on fire, so I came as a firefighter.” He went on a speaking tour of fifty states and met many supporters and righteous people. This unknown man from Asia shook up America youth. He taught young people to renounce their undisciplined lives as hippies and yippies and guided them to practice true love in the spirit of Christianity.

These young people went out as evangelists to more than forty countries around the world. That was in 1975. To this day, some are still actively engaged in their mission areas, though now they are approaching eighty years of age. Their desire is to accomplish the long-cherished wish of our Heavenly Parent, the Creator God, who has been working hard to embrace humankind. They continue to run toward that goal.


No longer are we orphans

Heavenly Parent's dream was to live on earth with humanity as his children, together with True Parents. His plan was to realize such a kingdom of heaven on earth, overflowing with love and happiness. Because of the Fall, human beings have had no direct path by which to go to God. Now, through the True Parents, who have emerged victorious from among humankind, all human beings can go before Heavenly Parent.

We want to be united. We want our lost freedom, equality, happiness and unity. I have said repeatedly that there are limits to being human-centered. The world of peace will not come from being human-centered. The only way to achieve it is by attending and serving Heavenly Parent, humanity’s parent, the origin of the universe. True Parents are the ones who opened the way to Heavenly Parent. In other words, working with True Parents is the only way forward for this country and the world.

I explained earlier that all other religions have reached their final stage. When you reach the last stop, you need to get off the train. Those who do not get off are clinging to the past; you must take that step. True Parents proclaimed the Foundation Day of a new era and firmly established Cheon Il Guk. Now, through True Parents, the temple where we can attend Heavenly Parent on Earth will be completed in 2023. This is something that could not have been done in the Old or New Testament eras. This is something only True Parents can do.

Spiritual leaders of diverse faiths, who are guiding this nation, now that you have come to know Heaven’s providence and Heaven’s secrets, what should you do? In that humankind has lived like orphans through six thousand years of human history, now that you've met your parents, what is holding you back? What? Do you not have courage? What makes you hesitate? Today I am wearing green, symbolizing my hope that all of you will become people of Cheon Il Guk, beautiful, precious jewels of Heaven in Cheon Il Guk, the land of hope.

We need to be as one, uniting the Korean people, and go out into the world. We need to address how the Earth is presently suffering due to human ignorance. Developed countries are making effort to become carbon neutral. Our responsibility as people of this age, as we stand united in attendance to Heavenly Parent, is to correct things one by one and return the world to its original state.

Historians say that until now men have dominated human history. The same is true for religion. However, what they are saying today is that the work of politics and of all other fields must be conducted with a mother’s heart. They are coming to this conclusion, and it is true. This is because the completion of the providence began with the only begotten daughter, the Mother of Peace.

The Bible says that there is no forgiveness for those who disobey the Holy Spirit. This is our last opportunity. Please keep in mind that you have arrived at the final point, and the only way that remains is to become one with True Mother, God’s only begotten daughter. Please remember that this is the only way for you and the people of your nations to live.


This is the message True Mother delivered at the Prayer Rally for the Salvation of Our Homeland and the Realization of a Heavenly Unified Korea on December 5.


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