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2019 Hopeful March Forward Rally for North–South Unification (September 29, 2019)
Date created : 2019-10-12/ Views : 1304

2019 Hopeful March Forward Rally for North–South Unification

Sunday, September 29, 2019—The Gangneung Oval Skating Stadium


Dear members and blessed families of the Heavenly nation of Gyeonwon, distinguished guests, peace ambassadors, ladies and gentlemen!

In the year of the March 1st Movement's 100th anniversary and the beginning of the next 100 years, today I would like to talk to you about the pending tasks that Korea must solve. Christian leaders and students triggered the March 1st Movement by crying out for this God-protected Republic of Korea to become a nation that can fulfill its providential responsibilities.

However, although this country had become independent, the leaders of the north and of the south who fought for the independence of this country divided over an ideological question into democrats and communists. How can it be that a country that God protected and was in the Christian realm can accept an ideology such as communism, which claims that God does not exist? As a result of such a confrontation, the Soviet Union tried to occupy the Korean peninsula, dreaming of the full globalization of communism.

How did sixteen United Nations countries take part in the war in this little-known land? God had been preparing this people since antiquity, before Christ. Yet these people were ignorant of that reality. It is written that God created the heavens and the earth and all things in His image, from the mineral kingdom, with positive or negative charge, stamen or pistil in the plant kingdom, males or females in the animal kingdom and lastly He created a male and a female to be humanity’s ancestors.

However, God did give human beings responsibilities to fulfill. They had to grow on their own to an acceptable level of maturity in God's eyes for Him to bless them [in marriage]. That was infinite divine grace! However, they became self-absorbed, self-centered, which gave rise to this fallen world.

God is almighty, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He is the same from beginning to end. [He is the Alpha and the Omega.] The eternal God cannot override His fundamental principles of creation. Fortunately, He could not let humanity crumble and began the history of salvation, the providence of restoration through Indemnity.

He did this by appointing the chosen people, the Israelites, preparing them from the individual level until they formed a national foundation. But how difficult must the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity have been that it took him 4,000 years? After those 4,000 years, God sent Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah, to the Israelites. And what happened? Neither Mary, who conceived Jesus, nor Judaic leaders nor the Israelites understood Jesus’ nature; as a result, they did not establish the proper foundation for Jesus to fulfill the providence. Jesus waited 30 years and after 3 years of public life, he had no other way but to go the way of the cross.

Before His crucifixion, Jesus said that He would come again. Today's Christians believe their salvation comes from Jesus’ blood shed on the cross. How distant is this from God's [real] situation?

Today’s Christians ought to repent for this. Being stuck with their own limitations [within the restraints they created] and not seeking to first understand God, they were unable to understand God properly. We cannot understand God properly, within our self-created constraints. As a result, they made many mistakes.How could communism, which asserts that God does not exist, emerge out of a Christian foundation? They must reflect on this.

Jesus said he would return…. How sad and pitiful is this in God's eyes? God could not trust human beings, yet because He had to fulfill His ideal of creation without fail, God carried out the history of salvation and the providence of restoration through Indemnity for fallen humankind. On that basis, Jesus said He would return to celebrate the marriage supper of the Lamb.

So, Christianity’s leaders should have been attentive to when, how, and where Jesus’ bride, God’s Only Begotten Daughter, would emerge. Since God cannot see the fulfillment of the providence of salvation with people whom He cannot rely on, He chose a new people. These are the people of the [Korean] Han Dynasty, which dates as far back as 400 years before Christ. Thus, God brought forth the Only Begotten Daughter in 1943 through a Christian foundation amidst this Korean people. (lit.: Han people).

After Korea’s liberation [in 1945, with Japan’s defeat], an unexpected fratricidal war broke out. The northern side was fully preparing itself alongside the Soviet Union. Democracy in southern Korea had not yet formed a solid regime. They had no way to defend themselves against the North. Nevertheless, in 1943, God's Only Begotten Daughter was born and in accordance with the principle of creation, God had to give her time to grow up. Thus, God had to protect her until she could understand the providence, mature and then of her own free will, assume responsibility.

How did the sixteen countries of the UN Forces manage to reach this country so quickly? This is impossible by human efforts alone.

  God sent the Only-Begotten Daughter to this nation and through her, True Parents—victorious human beings whom God longed for—could emerge. Key figures within the Christian foundation did not welcome that day, for which God had anxiously waited for six thousand years.

We had lived through the Korean War and the country had not yet reorganized, but the Divine providence could not be delayed any longer. In 1960, we rose to the position of True Parents. [Applause]

As fallen human beings we cannot enter God’s presence. Without establishing the condition of having been reborn from through True Parents, one cannot become God’s child. Just how infinite is this grace and blessing from God?

The path followed by True Parents, that of blessing so that you may become sons or daughters of God, has been very arduous. Until today, the 7.6 billion people are trying to find a way to achieve a peaceful world free of war and conflict. However, there is only one way. We must get rid of the bonds of the Fall to become true sons or daughters who attend God. For this reason, True Parents are carrying out the True Family Movement globally through the Family Federation. [Applause]

In this sub-region, the nation of Gyeongwon, are many remnants [results of the sacrifices] of courageous UN soldiers who fought in the war, and we must not forget them. Particularly as the ambassador mentioned today, many sad stories also remain in this area of Gyeonwon.

Today, I appeal to the blessed families of the nation of Gyeongwon: I ask you to make an effort so that Ethiopia, accepts the Only Begotten Daughter, our True Parents, so that it can then receive blessings and become a Heavenly Ethiopia that attends God. If the 7.6 billon people receive the blessing through the True Family Movement, fulfill God's dream and humankind's desire to become one large human family, there will be no more wars or conflicts. [Applause]

There is only on path to solving this country's problem of reunification. If the leaders and citizens of this country carry out the True Family Movement and attend God, there will no longer be enemies confronting this country. [Applause]

We have learned many lessons from World War I and World War II. Knowing the astronomical amount of money demanded by a war, which is wasted all at once, if we were to use that amount of money to recover this deteriorating planet and if we were to use it to bring countries—the well-off ones and the poor ones—into balanced equality so that we live as sister nations that attend God on that day, we would see the kingdom on earth....

If this nation of Gyeongwon were to bless the countries that helped us during the Korean War and if it were to make True Parents’ love and God’s blessings known to those countries and surrounding countries, on that day, we would see a world without wars, a world that humanity has truly yearned for, a peaceful world, attending God as one great human family under God. I ask you to raise your voices today, to make yourselves heard throughout the world. [Applause] I am creating a foundation for the world to become united. I am doing that all over the world.

The International Peace Highway is an example of this. To all our brothers’ countries who have protected us by shedding their blood and sweat, we must repay the grace, so we must not forget to be grateful to them. Only on this path, through the true love expressed as living for the sake of others that True Parents thought us, have we ushered in the era of Asia-Pacific Civilization. Now, is the time for our young people to go out into the world.

Therefore, from that moment on, and from this nation of Gyeongwon, which is writing a new history— ushering in a new era— the flame of peace lit on Mount Barwang will spread to Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Latin America and to various African countries. This December, in New York,

some thirty thousand ministers and faithful Christians will gather, and centered on the Only Begotten Daughter, True Mother, they will resolve to bring about the restoration of nations and of the world and the fulfillment of God's dream. [Applause].

This is not something that can be achieved with human strength. God is with us and you have to know how much He has desired to embrace and love humankind as His children for the past 6,000 years.I pray that the blessed families of the nation of Gyeonwon will alleviate God's bitter pain and that the 7.6 billion people will soon accept God's Only Begotten Daughter, True Parents who is manifest in the world and keep moving forward towards the day when will return immense glory to God. [Applause]