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2018 Rally for the Hopeful March Forward of a Unified, Heavenly Korea (October 28, 2018)
Date created : 2018-11-03/ Views : 1068
The UN at 73: Filial Korea Has Not Forgotten the Grace Received – 
2018 Rally for the Hopeful March Forward of a Unified, Heavenly Korea 
October 28, 2018 – Cheongshim Peace World Center 

Respected dignitaries from home and abroad, especially the ambassadors present representing the 16 nations that contributed to the United Nations Forces that served during the Korean War, welcome! Thank you for coming. 
Today, I would like to speak about what the Korean peninsula’s providential role is from a heavenly standpoint. Until the Korean War erupted in 1950, Korea had been under the control of Japan and then the Allied Forces. It was a time when this country could not govern itself. Therefore, patriotic citizens who loved their country began to fight for their independence. Those people who fought for their independence were the Korean people. 
However, when the upcoming Communist Forces saw Korea obtain its independence in 1945, they insisted that the peninsula be divided into north and south. South Korea would become a democratic nation and North Korea would become a communist nation. North Korea had already established their single regime and was prepared to invade the south, but South Korea was still unstable and without an established orderly system. If nothing else happened, the south was destined to be under communism. The Korean War was a civil war between siblings. 
Why, then, did the UN Forces who represented various nations around the world take part in this war? This is where we need to comprehend Heaven’s providence. God, the Creator who conceived the universe, had a dream. God wanted to become the True Parent of humankind. Therefore, God created all things in heaven and on earth according to His image, as well as a man and a woman to become good ancestors of humanity. 
He gave humans the responsibility to mature well during their growth period. The critical word here is ‘responsibility.’ During their growth period, Adam and Eve only took notice of themselves and greed arose. They thought, “I can be like God, too, and not follow His commandments.” This is how today’s fallen humanity formed. The Creator God is an omniscient and omnipotent being, whose beginning and end are the same. If God begins something, He absolutely must achieve it. The problem is that God built everything with humans as the center of the cosmos, thus He bestowed responsibilities on them. 
In that case, in order to restore fallen humanity, a person had to appear and become the absolute good ancestor of humankind before God. That person was Jesus Christ from among the people of Israel whom God had established and prepared while longing for the day He’d be reunited with His children. How difficult was this process for it to take 4,000 years to complete? Unfortunately, the people of Israel, Mary who gave birth to Jesus, Zacharias’ family, and the central figures in Judaism did not understand Jesus’ true identity. That was the problem. 
God endured and waited for 4,000 years to have the opportunity to embrace humanity, and through His immense grace, Jesus Christ came to become the good ancestor to bless and guide humanity on their journey, but they were not able to attend him and ultimately, he was crucified. The people of Israel received the blessing of being the chosen people as well as responsibilities. but they were unable to fulfill them. As Jesus hung from the cross, he said that he would return. He would return to host the marriage supper of the Lamb. The marriage supper of the Lamb! 
Jesus and humanity have been longing and wishing for the true ancestors, unrelated to the Fall to be born – the True Parents. That was Heaven’s earnest desire. The position of the only begotten son remained unfilled without the birth of his partner, the only begotten daughter. Without these two figures, the realization and completion of God’s providence could not occur. Thus, God chose the Korean people who had lived righteous lives and worshipped Heaven fervently. 
Through endless trials and tribulations over 2,000 years, the time arrived for the promised returned of the Messiah, and on a Christian foundation, the people of Korea gave birth to the only begotten daughter in 1943. The recently liberated Korean peninsula was confronted with the Korean War. As I mentioned before, God gave human beings a growth period to mature well. A newborn baby cannot honor and follow Heaven’s will. She or he needs a growth period! 
At that time, Korea was faced with the possibility of becoming a communist nation. Heaven saw this danger and had my family and I journey to the south. In that precarious situation, the UN Forces were miraculously mobilized to Korea. I do not know if the leaders and young soldiers from those 16 nations knew this at the time, but because God desired to embrace humanity as His children again through the manifestation of True Parents via the Korean people, the UN Forces spilled their blood to protect the True Parents, who were to become the center of humanity. 
From this day on, humanity and this nation should eternally appreciate and remember God’s endless efforts, However, the people of this nation did not even contemplate expressing gratitude. As the True Parents, we expressed our gratitude and respect to the 16 nations who participated in the war in 2010 for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War [through the Little Angels’ tour]. 

All of you gathered here today are in a significant position from a historical standpoint. You are living at a time that could not be seen in the past and will never be seen again in the future. Humanity’s wish and the wish of God, the Creator, is for humanity to become one family. Despite this, the world today is suffering from several dilemmas and drawbacks. It does not matter whether they are a large or small country; even the United Nation is suffering. The world is not able to harmonize because most countries consider their own interests first. This nation is the same. This nation’s owner is God. Neither politicians nor philosophers can control this nation. Do you understand this? We have attended our Heavenly Parent, according to True Parents’ teachings. 
Why does humanity need True Parents? It is because fallen humanity exists. True Parents are the people who will help fallen humanity reform. Through the marriage blessing, fallen humanity can shed the false lineage, engraft onto True Parents’ lineage, and be in the position of a true child of Heavenly Parent. That is a blessing. The citizens of this nation do not understand this amazing, miraculous grace. What should we do until all the nations of the world know about this? 
Until now, there have been numerous incidents of religious acrimony, national border disputes, and ideological conflicts. All these quarrels can be resolved if we focus our efforts on the true family movement. The key is the true family blessing movement. This nation, which is the center of the providence, must complete its responsibilities. They’re our responsibilities! We have received Heaven’s blessings but if we cannot accomplish our duties, indemnity will follow. Indemnity! You must know this. 
All of you gathered here today, especially members from subregion 2! (Yes!) Will you accomplish your responsibilities? (Yes!) I wish to bless subregion 2 as the Heavenly Nation of Gyeongwon (A combination of Gyeonggi and Gangwon provinces). Today marks the conclusion of the rallies for the five subregions in Korea. We began the rallies with the Gyeongsang Nation, Subregion 5, and are concluding them today with the Gyeongwon Nation, Subregion 2. Once again, will you fulfill your responsibilities? (Yes!) I want to believe in you. 
The UN soldiers from the 16 nations fought the most gruesome battles in this Gyeonggi and Gangwon region. The blood they shed on this nation can serve to unite the world; I hope you will engrave in your hearts that today is the day we will realize the dream of one human family under Heavenly Parent. The True Family Movement is the hope for the past, present, and future. From mission sites all over the world, we are hearing several remarkable stories about achievements by members of our 2nd and 3rd generations. Humanity’s wish is to meet True Parents and be reborn. 

In the past, Christianity shaped the Atlantic culture and spread throughout the world. However, those people did not understand God or Jesus’ true nature. Ultimately, they focused on their own interests and the providence could not progress further. Looting was a part of their culture. Today, however, we are practicing true love by embracing our neighbors and raising the flag for the revolution of the culture of heart. We have inaugurated the Pacific Rim civilization, in which we announced before the world that the True Parents have already come and the dream of humanity and Heavenly Parent is being realized by opening a new era, a new chapter in history - Cheon Il Guk. This is our hope. 
Due to human ignorance, our planet is suffering. Numerous island nations are experiencing severe flooding. Every year, natural calamities are occurring and creating unimaginable distruction. Humanity has forgotten to look ahead to the future and only considers the present, but it should follow the direction of True Parents. The blessed families, 2nd- and 3rd-generation members of our Family Federation must guide and show how to love humanity and the earth. As you now hasten your march down that path, I once again congratulate Subregion 2 with their anointment as the Heavenly Nation of Gyeongwon.