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World Summit 2019 Opening Ceremony True Mother's Message (February 8, 2019)
Date created : 2019-03-02/ Views : 941

True Mother’s speech at the World Summit 2019 Opening Ceremony and the launch of the International Summit Council for World Peace on February 8 at the Jamshil Lotte Hotel in Seoul.





Distinguished dignitaries and guests from home and abroad, in particular, heads of state and former heads of state, representatives from all sectors of society, ambassadors for peace, members of the International Associations of Parliamentarians for Peace: 

 I extend a warm welcome to you all. Today, we have gathered on this auspicious occasion to ensure that in this new millennium, the hope for a prosperous future does not remain an ideal but that the prospects for world peace come to fruition. All of you here today are indeed historic figures. You are key leaders and pioneers of the realization of peace.

That countless challenges and countless problems are happening throughout the world is true. We see the repetition of problems that have happened throughout history. Why is it that despite humanity’s earnest wish for lasting peace, it has not been able to achieve it? Even today, we are still wishing for such a time of victory.

We must know that the creator of the universe, God, is the true owner of the universe. We need to understand his essence. God created heaven and earth in his image. Lastly, God created our first human ancestors. God created a man and a woman and gave them a period of growth. He gave them the opportunity to be responsible. Their responsibility was to become absolutely one with God. They should have grown as sunflowers do, always facing the sun during the day. Just as a sunflower follows a path of growth, the first human ancestors should have lived their lives in complete unity with God’s ideal. But that did not happen. Due to selfish human desires… Unfortunately, their self-centered desire to resemble God before they had reached maturity led them to commit an act that went against God’s ideal.

Humanity today is in a position with no relation to God, the Creator. In other words, humanity today remains distant from God. Throughout history, God has sent countless religious leaders and countless righteous people to guide humanity along the path of virtue and righteousness. Nevertheless, because humanity truly failed to understand God’s essence, it could not realize its long wished dream of peace on earth.


Seeking True Parents

God is the true parent of all humanity. Even though humans had been in the position of knowing God, humanity has been unable to live fully according to his will. Tremendous pain ensued and God, almighty and omnipotent, the alpha and the omega, has but one desire, the realization of his ideal, the purpose of the Creation. Since God gave humanity a portion of responsibility within the rules he established, God sent his only son and wished to find his only daughter. He has been yearning for the day he could find victorious human beings he could call my son and my daughter, so that they could fulfill the True Parent ideal.


Jesus’ salvific efforts

Until this could happen, God alone led the arduous providence of restoration through indemnity. For that reason, after four thousand biblical years of providential history, God had no choice but to go through the history of the providence of salvation two thousand years ago. God sent to earth his only son, Jesus Christ, as the savior. Unfortunately, the Israelites, even Mary who gave birth to Jesus, failed to recognize and support Jesus. How could we claim that Jesus’ blood on the cross saved us? Christians today believe salvation comes from Jesus’ blood, shed on the cross, but this was not the true purpose of his advent.

Today’s Christianity does not know Jesus’ essence. On the cross, Jesus told his disciples he would come back again. While waiting for Jesus’ return, through the Pentecost and the work of the Apostles, Christianity began. However, for two thousand years, we recognize that many problems arose. How is it possible that within certain Christians cultural realms, communism, which claims that God is dead, could emerge? The only person that can teach about this regrettable history and the essence of Heaven’s providence is the Messiah. Until today, throughout the world, many righteous, virtuous men and women are risking their lives for the sake of truth and virtue, yearning to build a world of peace. Unfortunately, for superpowers and small powers peace remains elusive.


Korea’s providential course

The true owner of the world is God and until we attend God as the true owner, we cannot realize lasting peace. In particular, Heaven has raised and blessed the Republic of Korea. When he lay on the cross, Jesus prophesied that he would return to host the marriage supper of the Lamb. What does this mean? It means that Jesus’ ideal was to become humankind’s True Parent. It means he had to find God’s only daughter, who was unable to emerge two thousand years ago. This only daughter could be found only in a nation Heaven had chosen and prepared. If those fail in their responsibilities, providential indemnity follows. All of us have learned through history about the tremendous indemnity that the people of Israel had to pay. Heaven’s blessings come with responsibilities. For the Republic of Korea, it is the same. They have to be in a position in which they can fulfill their responsibilities. The nation has a long history. Throughout its long history, not a single decade passed without other nations invading it.

However, Koreans are known as peace loving citizens. This nation never invaded another nation. This year we mark a hundred years since democratic Christians and students participated in the March First Movement for this country’s independence. Our righteous forefathers sacrificed greatly for our nation’s independence. As I mentioned, you need to know that God’s only daughter, who could complete Heaven’s providence had to be born amidst the Korean people. I was born in 1943. Korean liberation came in 1945. In 1950, this country was plunged into the Korean War. The North–South split pitted democracy against communism. But while democracy in South Korea was still developing its new order, the Korean War broke out. What happened next? We were in a situation for which South Korea’s democracy was unprepared. As I mentioned earlier, in line with his principle of Creation, God gave people a period of time, a growth period.


The Korean War’s significance

Until God’s only daughter (who was born in 1943 and who must see the providence completed) had grown to a certain age, Heaven had to protect her. That is why, like a miracle, forces from sixteen UN member states came and shed their blood in a holy war. How grateful we must be for this! But since the Koreans do not know about God’s providence, I am not sure they realize how grateful they should be. Nevertheless, I understood the providence, so since 1960 I have stood in the position of a True Parent. If the Christian environment had been prepared, we would already have accomplished the dream of one human family that God desired.

Originally, all humankind should have been God’s sons or daughters. But due to the Fall, they could not become God’s children. The providence that makes it possible for humankind to return to God’s lineage is the Family Federation’s blessing of couples, of which I’m sure you’ve aware. This blessing brings a change of spiritual lineage, one with no satanic connection. Confirming couples as part of Heavenly Parent’s original lineage. While a miraculous blessing providence is taking place, unfortunately many people are still unaware of it.


Developments in Africa

Some of you gathered here today are people who have led an entire nation. Regarding healthy nations, they can only appear if the people have healthy families. This is why the Family Federation emphasizes families. This work has spread across the world over the five oceans to the six continents. In particular, during the past year, many miraculous events occurred on the African continent. One righteous prophet came to this country and learned about True Parents’ births. He then made a pledge. He was facing trouble when he returned to his country. He is from Senegal, a largely Muslim country. We met the president of that country where we have no foundation and we held a summit there. Do you think this is the result of human efforts? As an indication of how desperate God is to embrace humanity as his children, bypassing many countries that had a better foundation, God gave his love through one righteous prophet from a Muslim nation. Today’s people have now heard the answer.

Former US President George H.W. Bush, father of President George W. Bush, said that his greatest pain as president was his not having emphasized the importance of family values. In 1995, I was giving speeches in Japan about the true family movement. President Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush came to Japan and gave speeches together with me. That’s right.


What Korea needs most

The true family movement can solve all the problems facing our world today, which is why I went on speaking tours for many years. Heaven sent me many righteous, prepared prophets. How impatiently and urgently Heavenly Father is seeking for all 7.6 billion people on earth to realize this. When all of you eminent people here return home, please become messiahs for your nations! The road to a peaceful world, untroubled by conflict and war, begins with attending our Heavenly Parent and focusing on True Parents’ teachings so that all nations become one family of true siblings under our Heavenly Parent. Where that can happen is precisely the kingdom of heaven on earth, which we are trying to build and for which our Heavenly Parent longs. I entreat you to accomplish this. You must not become a people whose light does not shine. God has blessed this nation! Our national anthem says, “God protect us forever.” What happens if these people are unable to attend God? We have seen the history of the people who were unable to attend Jesus. Now in the age of the completion of the providence, what road must the Korean people must take? The reunification of the Koreas is good, but the higher priority for this country is to attend our Heavenly Parent. It has been said that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. Jesus died on the cross and he gave the keys to the kingdom of heaven to Peter. What does this mean? It means we must solve the misdirection here on earth. All of you who are living today must find True Parents who have appeared under Heaven’s providence and live according to their teachings. This path to attend the eternal Heavenly Parent is humankind’s only path. I ask you to join me in building a peaceful world of one human family attending our Heavenly Parent.