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Special Convention for the Japanese Missionary Spouses in FFWPU for a Heavenly Korea Hosted by the True Parents, True Mother’s Speech (10.19.2018)
Date created : 2018-10-31/ Views : 804

Special Convention for the Japanese Missionary Spouses in FFWPU for a Heavenly Korea Hosted 

by the True Parents, True Mother’s Speech

October 19, 2018 - Cheongpyeong Training Center

October is the season of bearing fruit, isn’t it? The season of harvest! The results of your hard work in obedience to Gods’ Will for the past thirty years made you who you are today. It is something to be grateful for. When children come home from school and open the door, who do they look for first? Mom! Mother! Did you also do so? [Yes!]

I know that among you, there are people who have had to endure many indescribable situations. You experienced unimaginably difficult conditions; however, this was not because you personally did something wrong, but because you stand in a position that requires you to indemnify historical and collective failures of responsibility.

Are you happy to see me today? Let me then convey you even more joyful news. Those who are celebrating their birthday today, please raise your hands. Those with birthdays today, please come forward. I heard there was only one person. More people are coming forward. Have you ever received a birthday present from your husbands? No? Have they ever said congratulations to you? Did they ever say, “Happy Birthday!”? You didn’t even get that. Now that I reflect about it, I also never heard the words: “Happy birthday! I love you!” for the past 58 years as Father and I celebrate our birthdays on the same date. I would like to present you with birthday presents on behalf of your husbands.

The number eight is a good number. It is the number of restart. I want one line here and another there with four people each. I’ll take a photo with you all. Because you received Korean husbands…. Men in Korea, in particular, are not charming because of the Confucian ideas that have been long maintained. Hence, today, I would like to give to you eight people what you haven’t received until now. You are indemnifying everything.

The history of Heaven’s providence of restoration through indemnity! This was something that the Heavenly Parent, the Creator, did not expect. Each person, however, has to fulfill a portion of responsibility based on the principle of creation Heavenly Parent had established. As a result, God has never been able to relax for even a moment due to His constant concern for humankind. He had to patiently wait for True Parents to emerge. From the perspective of Heavenly Parent, True Parents were supposed to begin their course on a national foundation, a position where they are welcomed by the nation. When it comes to solving problems arising within or between countries, no matter how great a deed an individual or NGO group does, they will still have a long way to go without a national foundation to support them. However, if agreements are made on a national level, one-on-one between countries, then such initiatives will easily spread out.

In order to restore all human beings that have fallen, Heaven needed the long period of 4,000 years until He could find that one son from among all people, to whom He could say, “You are my son.” The painful history God had to endure in order to restore fallen people, who could not be trusted and would habitually betray Him, cannot be expressed in words. The only begotten son of God, for whom all people have so longed and whom God tried so hard to find in order to achieve Heaven’s dream! Sadly, the right environment for God’s only begotten son to be received could not be established.

We also know that, on several occasions throughout his 33 years of life, Jesus brought up to Mary his need to get married. And Mary had the responsibility to find a partner for Jesus to marry. Even though she had conceived Jesus amid the protection of Heaven and had received a revelation related to this, she still did not know the true nature of Jesus’ mission. She did not know her own responsibility. In the end, the circumstances within which Jesus could fulfill his responsibility were lost to him. As a result, he could not avoid going the way of the cross.

Mary was not by Jesus’ side when he died on the cross. Neither were his disciples. Nor were the people that he had prepared through setting many conditions. There was just a thief on his right, and a thief on his left. How appalled would God have felt upon seeing this? When Jesus died on the cross, he promised to come again. He promised to return and conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Christianity began through Jesus’ disciples, based on the rebirth brought by the Holy Spirit. Yet, these same disciples did not know the true nature of Jesus’ mission. They did not know why Jesus came and why he had to die. That is why they believed that salvation was possible through the precious blood Jesus shed on the cross. This is the path Christianity had believed in and followed for 2,000 years.

Since God has the same beginning and end, what He had already begun, He had to finish. What the returning Messiah, who had promised to return, needed was for God’s only begotten daughter to be prepared without fail. Hence, God found and established a new people through which His only begotten daughter could be born. God’s only begotten daughter needed to be born on a Christian foundation.

With the passing of the last 2,000 years, the world came to be divided into four main religious spheres. There is no clear historical record as to when Christianity first put down roots in Korea. Since Heaven’s providence needed God’s only begotten daughter to be born on a Christian foundation through the Korean people, exchanges between the Korean people and the Christian cultural sphere are observed to have begun around the 12th, 13th century. However, in the later era of the Choson Dynasty, Christianity was persecuted due to the closed-door policy of the Choson Dynasty. Previously, however, Korea had been quite open. This enabled all religions that had come into this land, such as Buddhism, Confucianism, and so on, to put down their roots.

These religions had one purpose. Their purpose should have been the same as that of Christianity, but their ignorance of the providence, meant no further explanation could be given to them. When we look at the circumstances of this age, we see it is now time for them to realize these things. They must make the effort. And they must learn. Since this nation has already learned a lot about True Parents, they will welcome you if you confidently go forward and convey your message.

Much is said, but no substantial method is offered on how to address and resolve all the difficult religious, ideological, economic, political and other kinds of problems happening around the world. Everyone is self-centered. They put their nations first. They cannot unite. That is why I am conveying the following message: “There is a limit to what can be done by human effort or power alone. Things cannot work when our methods are human-centered. We can only unite when we attend Heavenly Parent, God the Creator, who is the Center of this universe.” Marriage blessings given by the True Parents is the only way to eternal life and salvation.

For the past 2,000 years, Christians—both the Catholic and Protestant churches—have not known accurately about God’s providence. They did not know the true nature of Jesus’ mission. As a result, they committed many mistakes. What you need to know is that God was finally able to send His only begotten daughter to this earth, through this people, after 6,000 biblical years. God’s only begotten daughter!

I was born in 1943. This nation was liberated in 1945. However, it became divided between democracy and communism. The Korean War broke out in 1950. North Korea already had a well-established communist system and was making all preparations to advance southward. The relatively democratic South Korea, in contrast, had not yet re-equipped itself. When the Korean war broke out, it basically stood no chance against North Korea. You need to know that 16-member nations of the United Nations intervened in the Korean War because God had to protect me, His only begotten daughter. What was deemed impossible happened.

God gave a period of growth to Adam and Eve in accordance with His principle of creation. I was born in 1943. And for me to uphold God’s Will, I needed to grow to an age when I could make decisions on my own and discern everything with common sense. The issue, however, was that the Korean War broke out in 1950, a few short years after Korea’s liberation from Japan. I was only eight years old at that time. Heaven, therefore, had to allow me a period to grow. The United Nations forces were mobilized and shed the blood of goodness here to form a foundation that could welcome the True Parents in this nation. You need to know this.

Next year will be the 100th anniversary of the March 1 Independence Movement. This nation is where the True Parents can, at last, appear. Hence, the people of this nation, particularly in the Christian cultural sphere —even though they did not know about God’s providence— needed to prepare a national foundation upon which the True Parents could appear. There were many patriotic martyrs. They came from Christian backgrounds. It is unclear as to whether or not they knew about the providence or about God’s Will. What is certain, however, is that because the time had come for the coming of the True Parents, God allowed a movement to unfold through righteous people in order to recover this nation.

Japan was like an obstacle in front of God’s providence. Heaven, however, gave Japan the time to set up the necessary conditions and results to indemnify past mistakes in the long run, under True Parents’ name. You all know Rev. Kuboki, the first national leader of Japan. When he was in China, it seems he was in the special forces. However, those special forces did things that human beings cannot imagine, that human beings cannot do. They conducted biological experiments on living people.

Finally, Japan also went to war against the United States during the last World War. At that time, they took away whatever they could from Korea as supplies. On the day I was born, all those supplies were piling up in the front yard of the house in which I was born. Daemonim, the one who had this vision, probably didn’t know what this meant at that time. Many incidents that would have been impossible to imagine did actually happen around me as visible incidents.

Who was it that opened Cheon Il Guk? That was True Parents’ heartfelt wish. The completion of the providence must be realized, substantially, first on earth. Only when the Kingdom of Heaven is established on earth centered on True Parents will the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven be opened. Do you understand? Please remember that all blessed families should work with a heart that invests everything, even in life-and-death situations, to realize Heavenly Parent’s dream of embracing all 7.6 billion people and establishing one great family under God. Only when you do so can you become eternally proud, blessed families, and true, devoted sons and daughters in front of Heaven. Hence, you must take bold steps forward.

Talks between the North and South are making headway, but there are still many problems to solve. A movement that attends True Parents at its center is essential in this process. Hence, I am asking all of you, Japanese missionaries, to educate this nation, which is the homeland of God our Heavenly Parent, True Parents and the True Children, so that a proper center is established in front of God’s Will within this nation. In order to do this, Japan and the United States must become one and completely root out all conditions that can create an increasingly distant relationship from Heaven’s providence.

At this time, the Pacific Rim Civilization Era centered on True Parents is opening, and we are carrying out activities to expand the dream of ‘One Family under Heavenly Parent’ throughout the world. Things will go well if the three nations take the lead and fulfill their responsibility. The politicians of this nation do not know the providence. It is the same with regard to the unity of the two Koreas.

We must therefore create the environment that supports God’s providence. It is essential to show all people of the world that this is the way to become one. Seeing all of you today, I feel hope.