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Special Assembly for the Korean Leaders about the Liberation of the Homeland Hosted by True Parents (October 4)
Date created : 2018-10-25/ Views : 821
Special Assembly for the Korean Leaders about the Liberation of the Homeland Hosted by True Parents October 4 - Cheon Jeong Gung 

I missed you. It’s been a long time. What color are my clothes today? They're yellow. Do you know why? 
Christianity should have completely prepared the right environment for the manifestation of True Parents. When God sent Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago, He created the external environment needed to complete the providence. However, Mary who gave birth to Jesus, Zachariah’s family, Judaic figures and the people of Israel did not understand Heaven’s providence or direction. Jesus was left with no choice but to take the way of the cross. 
That horrible situation deeply wounded God’s heart and Jesus had nobody during his last moments on the cross. There was only the thief on the right and the thief on the left. The thief on the left ridiculed Jesus, but the thief on the right took Jesus’ side. At the moment, Jesus told the thief on the right, ‘You will go with me to paradise.’ It was paradise. It wasn’t heaven, but paradise. Jesus also needs to return again. The leaders in his time did not know this internal truth. Over the 2,000 years, Christianity has faced several obstacles and difficult circumstances. 
The reality today is that people do not know where the final destination is or where they should go. In order to save fallen humanity, all over the world, God approved a variety of religions according to the region to lead humanity as close to goodness as possible. When we look at Heaven’s providence, that approval was needed for there to be a unifying final destination point. When several little tributaries flow together in one stream, they become a huge, strong current. That current does not stop there. It must go to the great sea. That’s how things should be. Likewise, according to God’s laws of nature, life can continue to survive and live. However, if any religious groups dislike joining that huge current of water, the future will be bleak. 
Until now, religious groups have taken their own paths, but now at this final point leading to the completion of the providence, they must unite and move in the same direction as True Parents. Therefore, people who are aware of this must educate the people near them. When I said, I’m the only begotten daughter, many people were confused. It took six years of explanation until I was understood. I proclaimed it for the first time in the United States in front of Christian pastors, and some of them wondered, Why was I unaware of this simple truth? She’s right. 
Jesus said that he would return and that he would celebrate the marriage supper of the Lamb, but the main figure in the marriage supper of the Lamb is the only begotten daughter. The returning Messiah does not create the only begotten daughter. God decides that. God! For the completion of the providence and as the homeland of True Parents, this country in particular must actualize and realize God’s homeland and present it to Him and humanity. Right now, there is a common feeling in this country that North Korea and South Korea should reunite. We cannot say that this was only due to the efforts of both Koreas. This country and its people have been preparing for the birth of the only begotten daughter for more than 2,000 years. 
Have all of you seen the recent movie, ‘Anshi Seong’? Those were the last days of Goguryeo’s brilliant dynasty. What was the name of the lord of that small fortress called ‘Anshiseong’? Yang Man-chun! He did not support Yeon Gaesomun [a powerful Korean military dictator]. However, he did everything he possibly could as the fortress’ lord. Everyone united as one! Even though they knew this battle might be their last, they were willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the fortress! The fortress lord did not coerce them to do this. They decided that themselves and due to their determination, they were able to be victorious. This is what Yang Man-chun said in the movie, “I never learned how to surrender.” “I also never learned how to kneel down.” He was ready to defend the fortress at the cost of his life. 
So to all of you elder pastors, who have followed God’s direction for 40 or 50 years, I want to ask you something. At present, this country does not know its owner. What should we do about that? Should we educate them about who the owner is? Or should we let it be? God's wish was that True Parents would appear with a strong, national foundation. God has given to us several days and opportunities to create an external foundation. Ultimately, however, those people who knew the will of God were not productive. They were lacking! One of their insufficiencies was not knowing how to unite. The cause of the Fall was also that Adam and Eve lived only focused on themselves. Looking at it that point, I reflected and think all of you should repent. You must repent and become an example for those in the 2nd and 3rd generations. Will you follow that path? 
For 40 years, True Parents worked hard for the global providence in the United States in order to create a foundation, all the while dreaming of a unified, Heavenly Korea. From that time, all of you know about Belvedere. In Belvedere and East Garden, the cold winter had past, and there was a single flower rising from the ground to inform us of the arrival of spring. It was a daffodil! It had come through the frozen earth and it had bloomed into the most beautiful shade of yellow. I loved those flowers. Father truly adored lilies and roses, but I preferred and expressed myself through daffodils. I love daffodils, which are stronger and more beautiful to me than lilies. This is why before you elder members whom I cannot stop loving, I felt I should dress similar to a daffodil. I was determined! 
In conclusion, this is the last opportunity you have left. in the final stage of your lives, I want you to be able to say you did your best together with the only begotten daughter, the True Mother, for this unified, heavenly Korea. The problem in achieving this Heavenly Korea is that North Koreans have lived for 70 years with a single system and a single way of thinking. Of course, South Koreans are also unaware of God's providence, as they do not understand their mission either. Moreover, on top of that, Christianity was not able to unite with True Parents, thus dividing into many denominations. 
Now, when we educate them, we should not beat around the bush. We have to clarify the truth and must reveal the truth clearly. We have to be able to tell them that a lie is exactly what it is, a lie. To get to that place, don't we need to possess great strength? In the same way that the tributaries converge in the main current, we have one objective. To restore God’s nations back to Him! National restoration means that people should know who True Parents are. They should recognize True Parents! What can you do to help people recognize who True Parents are? 
Why does humanity today need True Parents? Without True Parents, they cannot stand before heaven or Heavenly Parent! All of you want to go to the kingdom of heaven, right? The road to the kingdom of heaven is through True Parents' Blessing, through which you are transformed into God’s true sons or daughters, who can form true families who respect and do not disregard their ancestors. You must take responsibility for three generations— the past, the present, and your future descendants. You must open that path for them; they must be united with True Parents. True Parents! Before True Parents, you must become true children and true families. 
This is a truth which you know very well. So your thoughts should not be so rigid. You should put into practice True Parents’ teachings. You, who at this moment are living at the same time as me, must have solid results for when you go to the spiritual world so that you can say "I, such and such, have arrived. I have completed my responsibility in uniting with True Parents!” To do this, you must make it known to the citizens here. You know we must educate them. 
Today I asked you to gather here because I wanted to suggest that we move together towards a single objective and as God has prepared and longed earnestly for this moment, I felt the desire to say to you that we are no longer unfilial blessed families. After I proclaimed we are one in unity, all blessed families, despite their high or low position in the church, must focus on our goal, Vision 2020. We cannot delay any longer. God has been waiting for over 6,000 years, and before His exuberant efforts, I want this country and its people to fufill their responsibilities and establish yourselves as worthy leaders of this country. Now we will move forward in unity, as one organization with the Family Federation, UPF and all the others organizations in unity, doing everything possible to establish a unified, Heavenly Korea, which is under the direct dominion of our Heavenly Parent. 
For this reason, I divided the Family Federation into 5 subregions and called them to restore the nation with this structure in the form of five nations. Currently, those in Subregion 5 are working diligently and are determined to obtain victorious results in order to be the best of all the subregions. This month, I'm going to be extremely busy, since we have decided to host rallies and events every week with more than 20.000 people. 
Those who are here today, particularly the older members, must go to the forefront for the restoration of the nation, teaching the public the difference between Juche Ideology and Unification Thought because this is a blessed country. Why? Because it is the country where True Parents were born. Shouldn't we convince this nation's people that they must know this Divine Will, so that these people can eternally recieve blessings and good fortune from God? If everyone can unite based on the True Parents’ ideology, there won't be any more problems. To these uninformed people, it is necessary to educate them on what is right and what is wrong. 
The conclusion is uniting with True Parents! If they do not unite with True Parents, the reunification between North Korea and South Korea will not be genuine. Both nations will mutually hold each other in check. Each side will feel superior and want to be in the subject position. It will be necessary to teach them that only True Parents are “the owners.” Do you understand? That is the only way for this country to survive and also for the world to survive. 
A few moments ago, I told you that for True Parents to appear and manifest, a national foundation needed to be laid. As this was not possible, the providence took 53 years to create a global foundation, and counting the 6 years since Father's Seonghwa, it has already been more than 58 years. You should not miss this opportunity. There is your final chance. In this final moment, would all of you set aside your possessions, your ideologies, and personal thoughts and become pure, like the snow, like pure gold? Through True Parents, you will be able to radiate light for eternity. In these final moments, everyone's efforts count. 
In the film, Anshiseong (The Great Battle), a mother of one of the leaders has Alzheimer's disease. He leaves his mother in the custody of the fortress' lord and chooses the path of death. When I saw that scene, I compared him to our eldest pastors, who have lived for more than 40 or 50 years exclusively for God’s will. That man in the movie fought for the temporary country, Goguryeo, but we are working for the eternal homeland of our Heavenly Parent. 
To restore this country, to restore it completely, please cast aside all things that are a hindrance. Once again, I would like to ask you to advance with all your strength towards the goal.