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Inauguration of Youth and Students for Peace in Asia-Pacific True Parents’ Message (June 13)
Date created : 2017-06-23/ Views : 737
True Mother’s Message at the Launching of the Youth and Students for Peace in the Asia-Pacific  
June 13, Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand 

Distinguished guests, ambassadors for peace, and especially leaders from political and academic circles,  
Today, we are witnessing the hope for Asia’s future, and I would like to reveal the truth about history in front of the twelve thousand young people here today who will grow into our future leaders. 

I would like to talk under the title, the Providence through Human Civilization, Asia’s Mission in Heaven’s Providence.  When we specifically address the East and West, the West has sought to develop a material civilization. Yet, the East has sought to develop a spiritual civilization. As a result, we can see that the four main religions emerged from the Asian sphere. Though they had different beginnings, they should have one common conclusion. I would like to talk today from this perspective. Originally, the owner of the universe was God, the Creator. God created all things and then created a man and a woman who could become our human ancestors. However, he also gave responsibilities to the first humans who were to become the ancestors of humankind. Just as for all of you who have gathered here today, he gave them a growth period. During their growth period, they had to grow well. However, they fell and experienced greed before they could become ancestors of humankind. They ended up having self-centered hearts. This resulted in today’s world—a world disconnected from God. Hence, even though the original human mind seeks goodness, the environment could not back it up, resulting in the phenomena we see today, such as repeated wars, egoism frustrating all relationships from attaining unity, and self-centered individuals and nations. 

The omniscient and omnipotent God, however, had already set up principles of creation, which require human beings to find God by themselves. Hence, he has been waiting for those human ancestors who victoriously do so. This is the reason he raised a chosen people and promised to send the Savior in the last days, which must have been tremendously difficult for God given that it took him four thousand years. To go beyond the mistakes committed by human beings, indemnity is unavoidable. Only in a place where people have paid all indemnity can a person who able to become a victorious human ancestor be born. Just as promised, Heaven sent Jesus Christ, God’s only son, after four thousand years. Yet, people in the surrounding environment and particularly Mary, who gave birth to God’s only son, did not fulfill their responsibilities. The mission of God’s only son is to establish the True Parents of humanity. In order to establish the True Parents, Jesus, being a man, must meet a woman, who was able to become his partner. Unfortunately, the surrounding central figures, who should have taken responsibility for that, failed to do so. If Jesus could have established the True Parents then… At the time, the great Roman Empire existed within the Cain-type world. There was a saying that all roads lead to Rome. If Jesus had established the True Parents and had advanced to the world through Rome, one world under God would have emerged.  

Unfortunately, Jesus could not avoid dying on the cross, promising that he would return and conduct the marriage supper of the Lamb. The marriage supper of the Lamb implies that God’s only son, a man, will meet and marry God’s only daughter, a woman. This is humanity’s wish and Heaven’s. Christianity’s two-thousand-year history was one of resurrection through the Holy Spirit. Yet, Christians did not know Jesus’s essence. Their mission was to prepare for God’s only daughter. Christianity, today, does not know it either. Heaven’s providence, however, could forge that path through the True Parents, who can become humankind’s victorious ancestors. We should feel tremendously grateful for this incident. Israel was unable to fulfill its role. Heaven then turned his eyes toward Asia to find the nation that would give birth to God’s only daughter. 
I was born in 1943, a time when Korea was not well known to the world and a time when it had yet to see liberation. As soon as Korea’s liberation came, in 1945, it divided into North and South. It divided between democracy and communism. At the time, North Korea had established a united system and was making all preparations to invade the South. Back then, democracy in South Korea had not yet established a firm system of its own. God’s only daughter had to be born on a Christian foundation. That is why a spiritual movement, whose believer expected the returning Messiah to come through Pyongyang, began to develop in that city. 

Christians today believe that Jesus will come on the clouds because he promised to come again. In that case, however, Jesus cannot become the ancestor of humankind, the True Parents. He must return in the flesh. Amidst such a situation, Heaven could not leave me as a young child in North Korea but worked to make our family go to the South. 
Following this, the Korean War broke out in 1950. South Korea was defenseless. Had it not been for Heaven’s protection, and the participation of the sixteen UN member nations… The only daughter, who stands here in front of you, also needed some time to fulfill her responsibilities through a growth period. Thankfully, the young men of Thailand were among the sixteen nations that intervened. This is something to be grateful for. When Korea commemorated the sixtieth anniversary of the Korean War, a time when the government had not even thought of it, my husband, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, and I, sent the Little Angels to those sixteen countries to meet the still-living veterans, to comfort them and to convey our heart of gratitude. This moved them, and they expressed their gratitude to Rev. Moon for recognizing their hard work despite the long passage of time. Many shed heart-felt tears. Yes, that is so. We are one family under Heaven. 

A barrier stopping us to go to Heaven formed through the Fall. That is why the messianic thought came to exist. The messiah, as the True Parents of humanity, have brought resurrection to humanity through the blessing and opened the way for them to become God’s children. The one who can do this is your parent. 
Hence, even if people in each country today may believe in different religions, in our search to follow the essence desired by our original mind, we should at least not do worse than a sunflower, which always follows the sun in complete alignment. From such a perspective, you are studying the truth of history. Human power cannot solve all the difficult problems taking place around the world. Only God, the true owner, the Heavenly Parent can solve them. Hence, only when all human beings are in unity with True Parents, surpassing religion and race, can humanity become one. Isn’t that so? 

A hundred years ago, at a time when Korea was at its worst, Tagore, a great Indian poet, wrote a poem about Korea that includes the line, “Korea was one of its lamp-bearers and that lamp is waiting to be lighted once again for the illumination of the East.” I have recited that beautiful prophetic poem. What is a lamp here? Light is the truth. Only the true love movement, which is part of True Parents’ teachings, is a light to humanity. When through you—the twelve thousand young people gathered here today— that light from the East appears and you all become one in leading the culture of heart based on filial heart and ride on the strong wave from the Pacific Civilization, which True Parents opened, and advance toward the world, you also become the lamp, the light and savior to all people of the world. Will you do this work? This path alone gives hope to Asia and this will open the kingdom of heaven on earth, one family under God, a world of freedom, equality, peace, unity and joy centered on God. 

I understand that you have learned a lot through the Pure Love movement and FFWPU. The kingdom of heaven is a place where families enter, not a place a husband can enter alone regardless of how strong his faith was. It is a place where the husband and wife, the family, enters together. Do you understand? If you usher in such a world, we need not worry about adolescents falling anymore. That is because the environment will guide each person to follow the desire of the person’s original mind, enabling all to find heaven by themselves and to live in a culture of heart. In order to attain such a world, I hope that all the young Asian people who have gathered here today become pioneers and leaders who can stand strong in front of the world. 

The united world that we all wish for is not distant. When you practice true love, living for the sake of others as True Parents teach, in your families and nation, that place becomes the kingdom of heaven on earth. This is my message of encouragement and gratitude to you. We are now one family centered on True Parents. I sincerely pray that you can all powerfully advance toward one large family under God, which is the realization of Heavenly Parent’s dream and that of humanity’s wish.