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True Mother's Message at meeting with the Team Preparing the Fourth Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa (2016.7.7)
Date created : 2016-07-26/ Views : 470

True Mother’s Message at a Meeting with the Team Preparing the Fourth Anniversary of True Father’s Seonghwa

July 7, 2016, Cheon Jeong Gung



Did you have a good breakfast? Please reflect on the hoondok material that the chief of my secretariat read earlier. If the time until the third anniversary of Father’s seonghwa was a period to offer devotion for Heavenly Parent and Father, at this time of the fourth anniversary, you and I should now practice and realize everything that we had promised in front of Heaven—to fulfill God’s dream and the human family’s dream through the True Parents. This means that we need to create an environment in which Heavenly Parent can comfortably reside on earth. In this time when Cheon Il Guk is being realized, it should have many citizens for it to become a strong nation.

For six thousand years until now, the satanic world was in disharmony, but now we are stronger. At this time when a new era, Cheon Il Guk, has begun, you, our blessed families, need to fulfill your responsibilities that you promised in front of Heaven. The more citizens Cheon Il Guk has, the closer Heavenly Parent’s dream and True Parents’ dream is to realization. That is heaven on earth. Do you understand? If you are to live in heaven on earth, what do you imagine it will look like? Hmm? Do you eat to live or live to eat? Hmm? Today’s world currently lives to eat. There are all these different types of people, but they cannot think of the whole because they think and act according to their own selfish desires.


I said during hoondokhae that we need to become one. Mind and body unity is important and you and your neighbors need to unite. You need to live with one mind and one will. If you broaden that environment, it will become a heaven where God can reside. That is why I have been emphasizing the fourth anniversary of True Father’s seonghwa since last year and have been talking about a revolution in the culture of heart. A revolution… It is a different kind of revolution than ever before. Do you understand? When we are living in an era in which we can say we have fulfilled everything, that is happiness—unrestricted happiness.  


Not because anyone pressured you, but as an expression of your original mind, original nature, when you are filial toward Heavenly Parent and True Parents and when you first think of Heavenly Parent and True Parents every time you have some object, such as food, in front of you… Heaven does not forget this.

In a place where only such people live, there cannot be any fighting; there is complete freedom. Your body will naturally convey this. How wonderful would it be if that world were to come? We should build that kind of world, shouldn’t we? Yet filial piety is something done when parents are alive. Do you agree or disagree?


After your parents have passed away, no matter how much you struggle to express filial piety, who will acknowledge it? You must not forget how precious, how much a source of pride this moment is. Thus, we must change. Your habits, your lifestyle must all change and turn by 180 degrees. I like the song “When I Throw out My Greed” by Cho Hang-jo. All these divisions occur because of self-centered desires. All these divisions between nations, religions and races occur because of greed. The planet Earth and all creation are not your possessions. It is God’s, Heavenly Parent’s possession.


We, as the borrowers of the Earth, should pay the price and compensate Heaven. Therefore, our daily habits need to change now. When we can do this, we will be able to witness to others easily. Has Heaven been idle? God has been awaiting earnestly and longingly for the day to come. Has He been idle while we have resolved to fulfill this for Him and are acting upon it? Do you understand this?


You are all leaders so you should all become good examples to yourselves, in your family and to your brothers and sisters at church. A few days ago, there was a special assembly with the Hyo Jeong (HJ) Cheonwon staff. I said that the people living in the area need to become good examples to the world. I told them they had to change. This is not some ordinary spot on the Korean Peninsula. Having Cheon Jeong Gung here means that it is a direct path to the Cheon Jeong Gung in heaven. Every day you pray in front to Heaven, right? That prayer, centered on the Will, can be reported directly to Heaven. This is such a place. 


Has the director of the training center come? The training center is changing. Many members are substantially experiencing this fact, this directness to heaven. Many people of faith believe that if they even brush the hem of True Parents’ clothes, all their hopes will come true. Compared to those people, you have received opportunities without a price. I always say that your happiness grows when you share good things and spread happiness. The Vatican, which is the headquarters for world Christianity, is set up almost like its own country. Therefore, centered on our complex, even though there are many places where all our organizations or institutions are directly attending Heavenly Parent and True parents and are carrying out the providence in order to fulfill their will, this place is the central headquarters.

That is because Korea is the nation that Heaven has prepared and raised for two thousand years. The begotten son and daughter of God were born in this nation. The only begotten daughter was born unrelated to Satan for the first time in six thousand years with God as her parent. Two thousand years ago, Mary gave birth to the only begotten son, Jesus Christ, but she did not fulfill her responsibility. Mary should have continued to live as a virgin until Jesus had laid the foundation to be perfectly able to reach the position of the True Parents. Yet, whom did she live with? The Catholic Church calls Mary a virgin, but she is a woman that did not fulfill her responsibility. She led Jesus to his crucifixion. How could she be the Virgin Mary?


People must know the truth. I say this often because it is time to reveal it. I grew up understanding that God was my Father. Dae-mo nim fulfilled her responsibility in that. She lived her life with single-minded devotion, attending the returning Lord, the True Parents. She had no personal family life. Mary should have taken that path. That is why Dae-mo nim is different from other people. She did the work related to True Father’s seonghwa that no one else could do because Heaven gave her full authority. Do you understand? Is there anyone here who considered and prepared for Father’s seonghwa in such a way? Would anyone else do a thirteen-day funeral, during the summer, for someone who died? Where can you do that?

Dae-mo nim knew ahead of time, so she prepared everything. Soon it will be the anniversary of the Cheon Jeong Gung entrance ceremony.

If the Peace World Center had not been built, where could we have attended Father and gloriously sent him off? You need to reflect seriously on this. You have no qualifications to say things. Your lives entail only living in absolute obedience and absolute reverence. Human beings want to live eternally, but according to creation, one’s physical body has a limit. Though they say that in the future you will be able to live for a hundred or two hundred years, in the end you still have to go. The True Parents are the people who are teaching you the way to go in order to live in the eternal homeland, the original homeland. How grateful should you be for this?


True Parents have called you from being a slave to Satan and have given you the Blessing, trusted you and promised to bless your family as a noble family through your descendants. This will not be available anytime. It is now; only at this time when I am on earth. You are in a position in which you can receive all the fortune on earth. Each of you is responsible for finding out how to acccomplish that. Do you understand? If you empty yourself of greed and all your jealousy and live with a heart of appreciation, every day is heaven. Try practicing it. It is true.


I am going to build the Hyo Jeong Cultural Center. Through it, I will guide all our members and Unificationists around the world in the revolution of the culture of heart. I will raise our blessed second-generation and third-generation members. In the future united world of heaven on earth, only a path of giving joy and worship to Heavenly Parent will bring happiness. If such an environment is built, there will be no fighting nor desire to try to take more than others do because of jealousy between husbands and wives or brothers and sisters. When you do well, the true love within you that wants you to live with your brothers, share with them, and really live for their sakes should (naturally and automatically) turn into action.


The place where such people live is heaven. When I have some time, I listen to famous songs. I talk about a revolution in the culture of heart and am planning to raise many of our members who are talented people. I want these people to express what it was like to attend True Parents personally on earth (and what their experiences and hearts were like) through the arts, through singing and drawing for the sake of the future people who could not personally meet True Parents. It will be a revolution in the arts that helps Cheon Il Guk citizens realistically experience and feel what it was like. Father had many organizations and did many things but they did not last.


This was because no one else had such a sense of mission regarding them. However, now is different. If there are no people, I will create them by having them educated. I will show [the world] what heaven on earth looks like. Do you understand? The greater your desire is to give joy and glory to Heaven with a daily lifestyle of gratitude, the happier you will be, and our culture will emerge in front of the world. People will naturally follow us.


You would have seen all the videos of the anniversary of the Yankee Stadium rally not long ago. Have you heard the songs Dan Fefferman wrote? While living a life of gratitude in front of Heaven, if you ever get a vibration from a time or place and have the talent, express it through music, songwriting, composition, or through art. In the future, in a high-level world, we will have to do this flawlessly in a way that others cannot equal. Did you hear that during the Silla Dynasty, Seol Chong was painting a picture when a butterfly hit it and died? Did you hear this story? I am not sure if it was a butterfly or bee... Ah, a bird: How great an artist was he that a sparrow could not tell the difference? Many such cultivated people will emerge from our second- and third-generation members. Please give a round of applause.


So this seonghwa festival will happen a little bit differently. The seonghwa holiday will be a commemorative day to bring all our members together as one internally. You need to grow internally and then reach a position in which you can lead the external world. We should ensure internal stability as we advance. Through that, a revolution in the culture of heart will occur. Do you understand? There are only a little more than forty days left. I am expectant. I will see how far your efforts take you. I think I have given all the necessary guidelines. How you bring the flowers to blossom is now your responsibility. Okay?