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God’s Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal Is the Family and Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality
Date created : 2015-11-27/ Views : 338

God’s Model for Absoluteness, Peace and the Ideal Is the Familyand Global Kingdom Upholding Absolute Sexual Morality


True Father delivered this message on November 21, 2006, at the Korea International Exhibition Center, in Goyang, as part of the forty-seventh True Children’s Day Celebration.


Today is a significant day in thehistory of God’s providence. Itbegins the forty-seventh yearsince I declared Children’sDay. To commemorate this significantday and renew our resolve, I wouldlike to convey Heaven’s message ontoday’s topic. This is a summary ofthe message from Heaven that I deliv-ered to the 6.5 billion people of theworld over the past year intended toremind you again of your role andmission from the viewpoint of God’sprovidence and of the importance ofthe age in which you are living.


God’s purpose of creation

Respected leaders, what do you thinkGod’s ultimate purpose was for creat-ing human beings? It was to experiencejoy through relating with ideal familiesfilled with true love. What does an idealfamily look like? When God first cre-ated human beings, he made Adamrepresenting all men and Eve represent-ing all women, with the intention thatthey become owners of true love. Whatwas the quickest way for them to culti-vate a character of true love? Simplyput, it was to secure a parent–child rela-tionship with God, whereby they couldlive in attendance to God as their parentand form a model family embodyingGod’s ideal of peace. They were to havefollowed the path of living as one fam-ily with God, experiencing joy eternally.God created Adam and Eve and estab-lished them as the first ancestors of hu-mankind to form the model family andrealize the ideal of peace.Adam and Eve were to establish amodel, peaceful, ideal family. God, theAbsolute Being, created human beingsas his children in order to instill in themabsolute values based on an absolutestandard. Thus, we have to follow theway of that absolute standard in keep-ing with the demands of the heavenlypath. This means we must follow ourdestined life course in order to attendGod, the Absolute Being, as our parent.In other words, for people to perfectthemselves in resemblance to God andobtain the stature of people of characterwho can be called sons or daughters ofthe Absolute Being, they need to followthe path based on the absolute stan-dard determined by God. The essenceof this path is the standard of absolutesexual morality.


Absolute sexual morality

The first stage of absolute sexual moral-ity is to maintain a standard of absolutesexual purity before getting married.After we are born, we go through aprocess of growth. We pass through in-fancy and childhood in a very safe andsecure environment formed by our par-ents’ love and protection. We then enterthe period of adolescence, which signalsthe start of a new and dynamic time offorging relationships on an entirely newlevel with the people and things of cre-ation all around us. This is the time webegin to travel on the path of becominga truly mature person, internallythrough the perfection of our characterand externally by reaching adulthood. Yet all people, no matter who theyare, must meet one absolute require-ment if they hope to grow to spiritualmaturity. That requirement is to main-tain their sexual purity. True loveamong true people is based on themodel of absolute sexual morality. Godgave this direction to his children as apreordained responsibility and dutynecessary to fulfilling the ideal of cre-ation. The only way to perfect themodel of absoluteness in conjugal loveis to follow this heavenly path.What was the one and only com-mandment God gave to Adam andEve, the first human ancestors, after hecreated them? It was the command-ment and blessing to maintain an ab-solute standard of sexual abstinenceuntil God’s approval of their marriage.We find the basis for this in the Biblepassage that indicates that Adam andEve would surely die on the day theyate of the fruit of the tree of knowledgeof good and evil. If they had refrainedfrom eating and observed Heaven’scommandment, they would have per-fected their character and stood asequal cocreators with God, the Creator.Furthermore, they would have takendominion over the creation and be-come lords of the universe, enjoyingeternal and ideal happiness.It was God’s blessing that he warnedAdam and Eve to preserve their sexualpurity, so that they might marry withhis blessing as true children, becometrue a husband and wife, give birth totrue children and become true parents.The second stage of absolute sexualmorality applies to the relationship be-tween husband and wife. More pre-cious than life itself, this is the heavenlylaw of absolute fidelity. A husband andwife are eternal partners given to eachother by Heaven. By having children, ahusband and wife become cocreators oftrue love, true life and a true lineage,and the origin of that which is absolute,unique, unchanging and eternal. It is aheavenly principle that one personalone cannot give birth to a child, evenin a thousand years. How can peoplewho preserve their purity before mar-riage, and whom God binds together ina pure marriage as husband and wife,deviate from the heavenly way and goastray, following the wrong path? Peo-ple are different from animals. If we un-derstand God’s purpose in creating usas his children, we will realize that thewrong path is one of unimaginable be-trayal and defiance of the Creator andthus a path of self-destruction alongwhich we dig our own graves. Result-ing from the Fall, this path is outsidethe realm of the ideal of creation.Absolute sexual morality is thegreatest blessing that Heaven has be-stowed on humankind. Without adher-ing to the standard of absolute sexualmorality, the path to perfecting one’scharacter and attaining spiritual matu-rity is closed. Furthermore, without se-curing the foundation of absolutesexual morality through perfected indi-viduals in a true family, it is impossiblefor God to manifest his stature as a Godwho is personal and incarnate in us.In order for God, the AbsoluteBeing, to have direct dominion overour lives and to live and share joy withus, we, whom God created as his objectpartners and his children, need to formperfected families based on the stan-dard of absolute sexual morality, as heintended. Only by living within theboundaries of absolute sexual moralityis it possible for a family to create life-long relationships based on the idealmodel God originally intended for us.This model life includes the three-gen-erational realm of grandparents, par-ents, children and grandchildren.Please understand clearly that God’seternal life and our eternal lives arepossible only on this foundation.


Our mission

What kind of place is the kingdom ofheaven? In brief, it is a world overflow-ing with God’s true love. True love is itsaxis. True love is everywhere, in theoutward expression as well as in the in-ward thought. True love fills every-one’s life from beginning to end. In thekingdom of heaven, people receive lifethrough true love, live in the embraceof true love and follow the way of truelove until the day they pass on into thenext world, the spirit world. The kingdom of heaven is a naturalworld where all people live for the sakeof one another. Consequently, antago-nism and jealousy cannot be foundanywhere in that world. Neithermoney, position nor power governsthat world. In that world, the success ofevery person represents the success ofthe whole; the likes of every personrepresent the likes of the whole, and thejoy of every person represents the joy ofthe whole. The kingdom of heaven is aworld filled with the air of true love,where everyone breathes true love. Itslife throbs with love, everywhere andall the time. All the citizens of that king-dom link together through their com-mon membership in God’s lineage.There, the whole world and its peopleconnect in an inseparable relationship,like the cells in our bodies.True love, the love that is God’sessence, is the kingdom of heaven’sonly governing power. Accordingly,God also exists for true love. Ourbondage to the lineage of Satan hascaused so much suffering throughouthistory. Let us now boldly step forth tosever it and graft onto the root of TrueParents’ lineage. Why would we fool-ishly continue to live and die as wildolive trees? A wild olive tree, even if itlives a thousand years, will only con-tinue producing the seeds of more wildolive trees. Where can we find the pathto escape this vicious cycle?It is through the holy blessing. Theholy Blessing Ceremony offers thegrace of grafting onto the true olivetree. True Parents, who bring God’strue lineage to humankind, have estab-lished this. Once you change your line-age to God’s lineage, your offspringwill belong to Gods lineage naturally.We receive the holy blessing in threestages: rebirth, resurrection and eternallife. These marriages contribute to theenormous task of transcending the bar-riers of race, culture, nationality, ethnic-ity and religion, thereby creating onefamily of humankind.I have said that in the Era after theComing of Heaven we must recover thetrue lineage that was lost when Adamfell, by receiving the marriage blessingthrough the True Parents. Through fivestages, the individual, family, tribe, peo-ple and nation, the providence of theblessing becomes perfect. In this way, letus fulfill our divine mission as blessedfamilies in the Era After the Coming ofHeaven by restoring and establishingthe ideal three-generational family onthe world level.  Please become true princes andprincesses who live in attendance toGod as your True Parent, for he is thepeace king of the multitudes. Let usbuild the everlasting peace kingdom byattending True Parents, who have beenenthroned as the King and Queen ofPeace in heaven and on earth in therealm of eternal liberation and com-plete inner freedom, where there is noneed for a savior, a messiah or a return-ing lord. Let us fulfill the dutiful way offilial children in the family, patriots,saints, and divine sons and daughters. By following God’s commandmentto uphold absolute sexual morality, letus establish exemplary families, in-herit True Parents’ victory of restoringthrough indemnity the realm of threegenerations and perfect the world as itwould have been without the Fall.


This text has been edited for inclusion inTPmagazine. It is an excerpt from the fourthbook, chapter 13 of Pyeong Hwa Gyeong.