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True Mother's Message to Regional Presidents
Date created : 2014-07-07/ Views : 422

These are highlights of what True Mother said during her meeting with regional presidents a few days before the joint global service we had in May. This meeting was held in Cheon Jeong Gung. We hope you enjoy the message.

Didn’t the history of our providence begin in spring? The founding of HSAUWC and True Parents’ Holy Wedding both happened in spring. There is no doubt that spring is a beautiful season when all living things can be full of life and sing a song of hope. We experienced many springs by the time we celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of HSAUWC. It is now forty years since the start of the global mission. For forty years we lived through many springs in which we were filled with hope. However, in the course of these years, we have been unable to harvest the fruit of our efforts because of management failures. What was the problem? True Parents have now brought an end to the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity. This took six-thousand years. They opened a new era and we are now welcoming the second spring in this new era. What do you think about this? Shouldn’t you be a bit different than you were in the past? If you had invested, it is now time to harvest regardless of which season it is. You have to harvest the fruit.In that respect, I am saying that leaders today and past leaders have failed in their responsibilities. You must make time to repent and once again ask for Heaven’s grace. In the Cheon Il Guk era, what kind of dreams do you have? If you embark on this path but become exhausted and fail to go on, you might think that others in future generations will carry on in your place. You might think that if those in our second generation fail to go on, some in the third generation will take up the task. I hope that the people here right now do not have that mindset. I will straighten things up again. I have studied ways to plant a healthier and more reliable seed in this new spring. I’ve come to the conclusion that things will not work if I entrust them to you. I have decided to remove all those that had worked in a high position in the past and am restructuring the system so that the International Headquarters will be under my direct control. Last time I told you that when the Heavenly Parent originally created human beings, he did not bestow on them such a short lifespan. I was basically saying that human beings were created to live for 120 years or more. If HSAUWC is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary, that would mean it is now sixty years old, right? That being the case, people in the world think that “Now it’s time to make preparations to go to the next world.” This is what they are saying. I would add to that statement, “When we make effort and do our best, Heaven will find that he needs us even more and will extend our lives.” That is my conclusion. When I said that last time, the old ladies from the 36-couple blessing group clasped my hands and said, “Thank you. Thank you. As long as our physical bodies can move, we will take the lead in witnessing.” They got it right.
In True Parents’ position, creating an environment from scratch was tough. Where the proper environment was not in place, True Parents had to pave the way in the Cain-type world, the fallen world. If True Parents had not done this themselves, they had no one they could nominate in their place. Just to follow True Parents was difficult, and nobody else could take the lead in blazing a trail. True Father was born with good health and a strong build. He could have lived longer on earth. Don’t you agree that he pushed himself so much because of you? One person has gone now and one person remains on earth. Will you help me or not? I’ve only started this recently but I walk thirty-minutes every day as exercise, to be an example so that you begin looking after your health. This exercise does not cost any money. It seems that you want to become a professional and believe you have to go to a gym to exercise but that method will not work. It will not work for people your age or those in my age group. It’s best to walk naturally. How many months has it been since you last saw me? Do I look a bit younger?
It’s important to get started. We have now welcomed spring in the second year by the heavenly calendar. I know that you are in the midst of preparations for the second anniversary of True Father’s passing but you should be offering fruit to heaven each year around this season. You should offer results. You have failed to fulfill your responsibilities and are in debt to True Parents. There is no other way for you. That is why I went through great pains. You always talk about investing yourselves completely but I wonder to what extent you are putting your words into practice. From my understanding, the people who should be at their posts are not there. This cannot be “investing yourselves completely.”
If you leave your post, it will be without an owner. How can it be managed? Would members increase? What is this year’s motto? You should recite it like an incantation every morning and evening and live your lives while putting these words into practice.I asked myself how I could create a united world that the Heavenly Parent desires and offer it in my lifetime. It was a painstaking effort. Hence, I decided to reorganize our regions by language groups. English is not commonly used in all the world’s nations. Aside from English, the major languages are Spanish, French and Arabic. About two-thirds of the world’s population can be found in Asia. There is usually more loss than gain when resources are equally distributed by region, which is why I plan to focus on Asia. India and China are the nations that most represent Asia with 1.2 and 1.3 billion people respectively. What can we do with these nations? You might have heard already, but this is why I will be appointing special emissaries. I will give the same salary to each of these emissaries. I will tell them to use it as public funds. If they have a family, their wives should be responsible for the family.
In the past, there were two women that represented model mothers in Korea’s Joseon Dynasty.The \50,000 bill in Korea features Shin Saim-dang; she is one. The other is the mother of Han Seok-bong. She raised him well despite being poor. I discovered that the scholar Han Seok-bong’s hometown was in Gaeseong. He taught himself how to write calligraphy from the age of seven and is famous for his calligraphic skills. Not having the money to buy paper, he practiced writing on the ground after wetting it with water. Hence, you cannot say that you are unable to do something because you didn’t have the proper environment.This gentlemen passed the civil servants’ exam, went on to become a minister, and also served as the governor of Gapyeong. Don’t you see the connection with us? We should have the curiosity to find out such kind of connections, but you don’t seem to have it.  As for families, mothers in particular, should go forward pioneering the future with the heart that Han Seok-bong’s mother had in raising her son. I tried appointing second-generation members but they only try to live comfortably. They don’t have a pioneering spirit or anything. At that rate, they will not be remembered in history. I have repeatedly told you to become noble families. Becoming the originator of a noble bloodline is only possible while I am still alive. This moment is one through which you can reach the position of a forerunner and establish a noble family. True Parents have no in-laws. All seven billion people are our children. I hope that each regional president invests everything in developing the church, developing the members and increasing the number of church members. The special emissaries that I appoint should utilize foundations such as that of UPF or WFWP to have exchanges with the government of their respective nation or region. I am telling you to establish connections with VIPs. Only then can a nation be restored. Otherwise, when will it ever be restored? This is evident in the history of Christianity. Didn’t the entire nation accept Christianity based on the decision of the top leader?
Can we say that we cannot do the same in this age? That is not acceptable. You haven’t been able to do so because of your inadequacy. Anyone inadequate must make effort in order to develop. You have to have hope. How many nations will we be able to restore by 2020? This is serious. Among those who are being appointed and sent out as special emissaries, some will already be special envoys. He or she should become completely one with the regional president and move in concert with him inside and out. That is why I am covering their costs so that they do not become a burden.
And to add, in relation to these special emissaries, the Cheon Jeong Won, which is based on the constitution, is now in operation and the Cheon Jae Won should also begin to play its role. In addition, all the special emissaries will also be appointed as the vice-heads of the Cheon Jae Won (Cheon Il Guk Foundation); hence, they should fully cooperate in creating the most modern system of producing accurate reports and guidelines to address financial issues in each region so that I can grasp each region’s problems at a glance. I am not pleased when a person in charge fails to stay in one location and instead goes to and fro to other places. You should do whatever it takes to plant roots and rub elbows with others. The people here, including those who were newly appointed, need a way to survive. You should listen to a lecture on Happy Health. Not a day goes by without some kind of inconvenience in the lives of people.
The world is filled with sick people. However, if you understand the basic principle of this machine, you will be able to heal many people who are in discomfort. If you can alleviate their pain, they will open their hearts to you.
When this happens, they will listen to what we have to say. Wonhwa-do is fine, too, but this machine is a weapon that can immediately win the hearts of individuals. True Father made this for you. Why aren’t you making use of it? I can really be a difficult person. Still, when you see my face, do your hearts feel happy? Satisfied? I also want to be happy when I see your faces.