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Hyojeong Cultural Blessing Festival and Nagoya’s 40,000-Person Rally of Hope (October 6, 2019)
Date created : 2019-10-24/ Views : 932

The Long Course to Today’s Blessing Ceremony

True Mother gave this speech at the Hyojeong Cultural Blessing Festival and Nagoya’s 40,000-Person Rally of Hope on October 6 at Nagoya Aichi Sky Expo.

Couples newly blessed today and all our blessed members, I love you! The Creator has waited for a day like this for six thousand years. The Creator created in his image the natural world and a man and a woman to become our human ancestors. He especially gave human beings the responsibility of [maturing through] their growth period. 
The first human beings were positioned to grow beautifully, by uniting with the Creator in absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience and then receiving the blessing and becoming true ancestors to humankind. The Creator wanted to be part of that. In other words, the Creator is our Heavenly Parent. 
Heavenly Parent, who only exists in spirit form, wanted to live with us as our True Parent within a physical body. He wanted to love humankind and live with us in heaven on earth and in the eternal world of heaven in heaven, which he designed. This is such a tremendous blessing for human beings. 
However, Adam and Eve, who would have become our human ancestors, did not reach that position and caused the fallen humankind we see today. Human beings’ original hearts long for God, yet since they do not understand Heavenly Parent’s essence, not for a single day throughout the six-thousand-year biblical history was there no war or conflict. Humankind has yearned for a peaceful world, but that reality has not come about. 

Mistakes cannot remain
God is omniscient and omnipotent. He is everlasting. He is the Alpha and the Omega. Therefore, for the human beings he created, now fallen human beings, to advance to the position in which they can uphold God’s will, need to pay indemnity for all their mistakes. That is how the undesired and painful history of restoration, the providence of salvation through indemnity, began. 
The Israelites were the chosen people who had to take the course of restoration of God’s providence, the salvation through indemnity alluded to in the Bible, until they formed foundations from the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. 
We are aware that when the Christian read the Old Testament there are many events they cannot to understand. We cannot bear to speak of God’s suffering as he strove to lead fallen human beings, who were unaware of God’s will, to enlightenment, until they could practice on their own. We are aware of the repeated frustration over how slow the providence has had to move. 

Jesus’ course and its conclusion
For God to send his only son to the fallen world and call him his son took four thousand years. It wasn’t forty years; it wasn’t four hundred years. It was four thousand years. The great Roman Empire embodied the environment at the time. If only the Israelites understood God and understood Jesus’ essence, they would have absorbed the Roman Empire, and two thousand years ago, they would have achieved a world of peace. However, Mary, who gave birth to Jesus, did not take responsibility for establishing that foundation. Neither the Israelites nor the Jewish people took responsibility. 
Jesus, who had lost his entire environment, labored during his three-year public life, but in the end, he hung on the cross. As Jesus hung on the cross, on his right was one criminal and on his left was another. The criminal on the left taunted Jesus, but when the one on the right heard this, he said that they were hanging on the cross because they had sinned, but Jesus had not sinned. How did Jesus respond? He said, “Today, you will be with me in Paradise.” Paradise. Not heaven, but Paradise. Then Jesus said he would come again. 

Heaven’s efforts 
Today’s Christians know neither what the cause is nor what the result will be. That is why I have come forward to speak about historical truths and the truth of Heaven’s providence. At that time, how do you think Heavenly Parent felt when he saw them hanging Jesus on the cross? He probably did not want to see humans ever again. 
However, God had established the principle that his creation would begin with our human ancestors. Therefore, God had no choice but to take a miserable course of tribulation. In other words, today’s human beings are unfilial children in front of God. Christianity’s mission is to teach and spread this truth; deplorably, they are ignorant of this. 

Starting over
The Israelites failed to fulfill their responsibilities. Therefore, God set out to find a new people among whom God’s only begotten daughter could be born for the Messiah that was to come again and with whom he could hold the marriage supper of the Lamb. Two thousand years ago, [that new people] was the Han Tribe in AD 400. The Han people loved peace and were skilled at astronomy. 
Because they hated war, spurred by outer forces, they traveled south and come to settle on the Korean Peninsula. Looking at this history, Japanese are probably also descendants of the Han tribe. God took two thousand years to lay the foundation for Christianity and on that basis God’s only begotten daughter was born in 1943. 
According to the principle of creation, we need a growth period. Japan occupied Korea at that time, during World War II. Following human desires, when human beings were unaware of God and of Heaven’s providence, led to a miserable past. This is true. I was born in 1943 and Korea’s liberation came in 1945. 

Joy dampened by separation
Korea experienced liberation but then north–south division, communism and democracy separated us. The North was ready to invade the South with the support of the Soviet Union, but the South’s democratic government had not yet established any system. In that situation, the Korean War broke out in 1950. What does Heaven need to consider first? God’s only begotten daughter, who could complete his providence for the first time in six thousand years, was born for the first time in two thousand years. He must protect his only begotten daughter. 

Sixteen nations
Korea was not known to the world at the time and with the Soviet Union in the United Nations, how was it that sixteen nations took part in the Korean War? We call the Korean War a holy war. They may not have had any stake in Korea, but [foreign] young people came to shed their good blood for our freedom. This was not possible through human power. This miracle was possible because God was with us. 
Thus, I knew what my mission was, and unable to delay any longer, I rose to the position of a True Parent in 1960. Fallen human being’s hope is to meet the True Parents. They want to enter God’s presence, but the obstacle of the Fall arose. Therefore, the True Parents emerged and only through a blessing event such as the one today will the path open to becoming sons and daughters of God, our Creator, and Heavenly Parent. 
True Parents’ appearance was possible because Christianity laid the environmental foundation as the result of their faith while awaiting the Messiah for two thousand years, expecting him to come at any moment. Christians should have been the first to take the lead. However, that did not happen because they did not recognize God’s work. The two-thousand-year Christian history was set in motion through resurrection by the Holy Spirit and the disciples who began to compile the Bible. 
Many failures and many incidents occurred during that process because it was human-centric. How could communism, which said that God was dead, stem from a Christian foundation that attended Heaven? It is the same for the Catholic faith. Do you remember the verse [Isaiah 2:4] about turning swords into plowshares and spears into pruning hooks? [Christians] have made many mistakes. That is why people do not trust the Christian church. Today the only path they can take is to accept True Parents’ ideology. 

Atonement is needed
Ladies and gentlemen! There is only one path taught by all religions. It is a life of goodness! The desire to attend God is the same whether you are Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim or Christian. However, the Family Federation is the only religion that teaches how we can pay indemnity for our mistakes and enter God’s presence. Neither their nation nor the Christian foundation supported True Parents. In that position, starting in 1960, True Parents began the blessing movement in search of God’s children. Today, sixty years later, blessed families are all over the world, in over 190 countries. 
God’s dream and humankind’s wish is for one human family attending Heavenly Parent, the owner of the universe. The world comprises more than two hundred countries, but in front of Heavenly Parent, people are all his sons or daughters. Whether they live in a large country or a small country, they are Heavenly Parent’s children. True Parents are opening the way to becoming sons and daughters. 
The twenty thousand couples receiving the blessing here today have an important mission—to fulfill your responsibilities, to advance to the position of fulfilling your responsibilities as tribal messiahs and to build a Japan that attends Heavenly Parent. 
When looking at the world today, this applies to politicians, striving with human power, who are responsible for a nation as well as this country’s greatest leaders. Human intellect has reached its limit. The conclusion is that Japan can permanently establish itself in front of the world only when the nation attends Heavenly Parent. 
That is why I said, “Politics and religion cannot be separated. They must unite.” Those who are responsible for their nation must wake up at dawn and offer devotions in front of God. They must pray. They need to ask God, “As someone who is responsible for this nation, what do You think I should do?” Only then will Japan last forever. Do you understand? [Yes.]

To the new couples
I want to say something new to those of you receiving the blessing today. In 2013, True Parents proclaimed Foundation Day, marking a new age and beginning a new history. We are celebrating the seventh year since its proclamation. I made a promise to God. I promised that while I am alive I will create many citizens that love Heavenly Parent. However, when I think of their being 7.6 billion people, I cannot do it alone while I am on earth. How old do you think I am? Do you think that I can remain in good health until I reach a hundred? [Yes.] I hope so. 
Thus, I hope that humankind will remember you as blessed families forever. I hope that you will become blessed families that God and your descendants recognize. I hope your family can enter the records in Cheonbowon. 
From now on, I will visit many countries around the world and host nationwide Blessing Ceremonies. Families that attend those ceremonies will become chosen families whom God has blessed in this era. What an amazing, gratitude-inspiring and glorious day it is! Today, you have joined the ranks of the chosen people.

Unity among nations
Reporters from over a hundred countries are here today to see this rally. I declare in their presence the Asia–Pacific Union. All the countries in Asia and all those on the African continent should unite. A hundred years ago, India’s poet-saint [Rabindranath] Tagore said that on the day that Korea lit its lamp once again, it would become the bright light of the East. 
The light he is referring to is the word, truth, the word from Heavenly Parent, True Parents’ teachings. With the word, I hope that the Asia will unite with me and fulfill its mission to be a flame that sheds light on the world.