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True Mother’s Message at the Special Gathering for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified Korea Hosted by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind (5.23, 2021)
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True Mother’s Message at the Special Gathering for the Realization of a Heavenly Unified Korea Hosted by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind (5.23, 2021)

I am happy to meet you all again. Our Creator, God, created all things in heaven and on earth, and then created Adam and Eve, the first man and woman to become the ancestors of humankind. He gave them a responsibility to accomplish through their growth period. Our Creator, God, intended to celebrate the original providential springtime together with them once they had fulfilled their responsibility. Yet, due to the Fall of man, the providential springtime that Heavenly Parent dreamt of could not be realized. God, however, cannot change His principles of creation, so, sorrowfully, He had to commence the providential history of salvation. The ensuing 6,000-year period of human history has been a winter season, a dark, gloomy, and bleak, cold winter. God sought to find the saviors, who were to become our victorious ancestors that could illuminate this world of darkness once again. In the meantime, the population of the world greatly increased, and many nations came into existence. God chose Israel as His chosen people and through them, He desired to conclude the providential history of salvation. It took 4,000 challenging and difficult years for God to finally send Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son, of whom He could say “this is my Son.” However, what happened with the people of Israel? They did not accept him. Jesus could not avoid the path of the cross, yet he promised to return and conduct the marriage supper of the Lamb. Christian history began with waiting for the return of Christ. Christians, however, do not know the character of our Creator, and why Jesus had to promise he would return. Since they were waiting for him with a human-centric mindset, they could not become a united body. So what started out as the Catholic Church ended up spawning many Protestant denominations. Amid such circumstances, if the Messiah were to return, where would he come to? He cannot come to a place where Christianity is not a united body but is divided into many denominations. Even today, Christianity does not know where its final destination lies. This is truly a sad thing. Jesus said he would come again and, when he comes, hold the marriage supper of the Lamb; therefore the people and Christian believers of today need to find God’s only begotten Daughter. The only begotten Daughter! They must know how, and to where, the only begotten Daughter will come. Yet, instead, people’s concerns are elsewhere, fighting over who is right or wrong or branding others as heretics—and much bloodshed has resulted. Putting it briefly, the Messiah cannot come to a divided Christendom. God worked very hard, then chose the Korean people through whom He sent His only begotten Daughter. Before Jesus ascended, he said the following: “I still have a lot to say to you, but you cannot bear it now.” Hence, the person to fulfill the responsibility of the returning Messiah must seek out the words that Jesus could not say. And he must create an environment through which the marriage supper of the Lamb can be held. He must find many followers. In other words, in the position of having found and established many citizens who are aware of God’s providence, he must meet God’s only begotten Daughter. Many of you have known about Father since the early days. Those were truly difficult times. From when I was born, I knew of God’s providence. I grew up knowing God as my Parent, and what His will was. Hence, thinking that if I don’t do this, it will not be done, I stepped forward. In 1960, the world’s population was just over 3 billion. Today, the population has more than doubled. No one had prepared a supporting environment at the time True Parents emerged. I had to endure and wait patiently. In other words, the sixty years of True Parents’ providence up until the proclamation of Cheon Il Guk was like the winter season. It was a cold, freezing, dark winter when we had to continuously invest our effort to advance toward hope and pioneer the establishment of a supporting environment. We had to create an environment wherein people could attend the Heavenly Parent so as to welcome the springtime. This was True Parents’ responsibility. Knowing this, I walked innumerable paths of simply enduring as I waited for the right time. Who proclaimed Cheon Il Guk? Now that we have proclaimed Cheon Il Guk, we must create the environment where we can live in attendance to our Heavenly Parent. For sixty years, we invested much effort. Can you therefore imagine the heart I felt when I stepped up, pledging in front of God to restore the environment for Cheon Il Guk within seven years? I thank the district pastor for his touching prayer. Yes, being God’s Daughter, being a devoted daughter who must realize her Parent’s dream without fail, and being God’s only begotten Daughter, the True Mother of humankind, I waited, persevering on and on. Finally, we have created an environment that the world can recognize. Now, many righteous people around the world, and many religious prophets are making the determination to become my sons and daughters and to support me as the only begotten Daughter and True Mother. God’s providence has been bringing about the environments that can bear greater fruit for the future, for the coming spring season. In the early days, blessed families shared the same difficult environment as we did. What is sad is that although they were born through True Parents, they did not know that the responsibility they had to bear was to maintain absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience in front of Heaven, and that, in front of Heaven, the center was God’s only begotten Daughter, the True Mother. Even the Bible quotes, “And everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.” This is the last opportunity. My heart so longs to erase all traces of the Fall from amid fallen humanity for the sake of our Heavenly Parent, and I have run until now on this one path. However, each person must fulfill his or her responsibility. There can be no future if you say this and that, making excuses when you have not fulfilled your responsibilities. Aren’t people that cannot become “grains,” or even “chaff,” and whose lives leave no trace, unfortunate? Would you agree? [Yes.] I am giving you another opportunity. You need to understand that you are living in a time that is truly miraculous, how God’s providence is developing across the world, and how we are finally dedicating a holy temple where True Parents can attend God, our Heavenly Parent, on earth, something we could not have dared dream of seeing, even once, in 6,000 years! This is something so many people and particularly religious people have longed for. However, Heavenly Parent cannot come into an environment where there is no unity. Heavenly Parent can only come where there is unity with True Parents. Then, shouldn’t we convey the right understanding to those with wrong thinking? Surely! Please know that erasing, as much as we can, the traces of the Fall is also the mission and responsibility of those who have received the Blessing. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] That is why, while I am on earth, I will work every day to bring into reality, one after the other, the things that Heavenly Parent dreamt of in the original garden. More importantly, our devotion and efforts will be essential to restore this creation, this earth devastated by humans, who have lived in ignorance, to its original state. There are many unsolvable problems arising across the world: the religious conflict that continues in the Middle East, the brotherly Abrahamic religions fighting one another; superpowers seeking after their own benefits, unaware of God’s providence, and wasting trillions—and yet people are starving. Who is to resolve all these problems? Who is to educate people? I cannot understand this. With the earth being devastated, superpowers who think there is no future here say they will develop things in space. I do not know what they’re aiming for through their space programs. How great it would be if they could invest the tremendous amount of money that goes into this toward restoring areas such as the deserts, and forests such as the Amazon that are experiencing destruction! There are many different opinions, with some saying that the world’s population should not increase further as we are gradually facing scarcities of water and oxygen. How great it would be if the astronomical amounts of money used in outer space were to be directed toward reviving our Earth and enriching the environment? That would be wonderful! We must therefore teach people that our Creator, God, the owner of this universe, is also our Heavenly Parent. The way to being remembered in history for eternity is by becoming devoted and loyal sons and daughters in front of our Parent. In this way, your name can remain in history for eternity. Therefore, when it comes to educating people so that they no longer carry out foolish actions or making judgments, each organization within the Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, whether it be UPF or FFWPU, must boldly speak about this with people and educate them. That is why I have broken the Family Federation into five sub-regions and have empowered each of them. I will also empower the five UPF sub-regional leaders. Lee Hyun-young, I want you, in the [UPF] headquarters, to win the heart of those in the Blue House, the political circles, and the National Assembly in the capital city area. And this morning I met those who work in the Korea-Japan Tunnel Foundation. I am now making sub-region 5 a central axis in the Korea-Japan Tunnel Foundation. Together with sub-region 5 of Japan, make sure you see this through to the end. Do you understand? Park Young-bae! [Yes!] And sub-region 5 of Japan is who…? Pak Jong-pil! Please work as one; you need to educate the top leaders of Japan and the top leaders of Korea. You must let them know that this is the only way for this nation to become a unified Korea, a heavenly unified Korea. Do you understand? [Yes.] Then, today is a good day.

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