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HJ Global News

HJ Global News
HJ Global News (6. 20. 2020)
Date created : 2020-06-20/ Views : 2337

HJ Global News - Saturday 20 June 2020




Hello brothers and sisters and welcome to a new edition of HJ Global News.

True Mother inaugurated the era of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community after her victorious 7-year cosmic Canaan course! True Mother has created a foundation for the divine providence to advance on the national and continental levels. This week we will review the most moving moments we witnessed during the opening of the era of heavenly nations, which emerged through a proper external framework that created a witnessing environment. May this be a time filled with grace as we inherit True Parents’ creative hearts.


Special on the Providence of Heavenly Nations


Since True Father’s ascension…Every day, experiencing intense sunny days, rain, windy weather and snowstorms, True Mother kept mourning in prayer beside True Father’s tomb. She then crossed 5600 kilometers by bus from Las Vegas to New York and visited 12 well known peaks in the Swiss Alps in a devotional journey during which she reaffirmed her strong will to fulfill promises she had made to True Father.


The Third Seonghwa Anniversary for the Reverend Sun Myung Moon True Mother’s Message


We miss True Father so much today. Father, from now on, you have nothing to worry about. We will fulfill our responsibilities at all cost. Therefore, we hope and pray that you will now be free to go and come as you please, and to comfort God, our Heavenly Parent, who has been lonely until now, in the eternal garden of the original homeland.


Humanity should have carried out the tradition of 3 years of mourning, but True Mother offered it for us and then set out on a hope-filled march towards the restoration of 7 nations. We began 4 years of hope with 3 major driving strategies: witnessing, building an external foundation, and leadership training. I especially emphasized the providence of spreading the external foundation as the base for the divine providence to reach the national level.


True Mother A Hyo Jeong Family Festival in Osaka


Together, we can establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We can create that day of great joy and delight. I pray we will advance together towards that day.


Beginning with the Osaka Rally, True Mother blessed Japan, Korea and the United States as heavenly nations, all of which had internally responded and fulfilled requirements to attend Heavenly Parent.

In February 2017, True Mother launched an alliance of legislators by founding the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, and in November of the same year she created the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development, uniting leaders of all religions, making them partners in establishing the external foundation for Heavenly Nations. In 2017, through 12 hopeful march forward rallies, in Korea, Japan, Asia and in the Americas, True Mother opened the Era of the Asia Pacific Civilization. Just as God had intended, Sheikh Mansour Diouf, acting on behalf of the Interreligious Association, opened doors to a Muslim nation by drawing the attention and cooperation of the Senegalese government. True Mother was able to achieve a tremendous success in the January 2018 rally in Senegal, where the national government sponsored a Blessing Ceremony.


Macky Sall, president of Senegal


I want to acknowledge the legacy of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, founder of UPF and I pay tribute to Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, who continues with faith and perseverance the work for the sake of universal peace. This continent was wounded by centuries of conflicts, wars, and plagues. With her message, however, Africans can still keep the hope that Africa is tomorrow's continent, but tomorrow is already today.


The Divine Providence was carried out for the first time on a national level! True Mother shed a new light on Africa’s future.


True Mother at the Senegal Summit


That is why, centered on Africa, I am opening a new era, the Pacific Civilization Era, which brings a revolution of culture

through a heart of filial love. I pray that together we can go forward toward creating a happy kingdom of heaven on earth where all human beings attend Heavenly Parent as their center.


Upon the success of this African Summit, promoted by the national government, similar events took place in Nepal, São Tomé and Cambodia, as the providential wave of national restoration expanded. Furthermore, thanks to the grace of heavenly nations, in February 2019, True Mother launched a new global alliance, the International Summit Council for Peace, securing a platform for peace on a continental level.


True Mother's speech at the 2019 World Summit opening planetary session

February 8, 2019 - UPF, Lotte Hotel Jamsil


The place in which all nations can become one family of true brothers before our Heavenly Parent is precisely the kingdom of heaven on earth. Please remember that his path of attending the eternal Heavenly Parent is the only path for humankind. I pray for you to please join me in building a peaceful world where all humankind is one family that attends our Heavenly Parent.



During the 2020 World Summit, True Mother strengthened the 6 essential branches of the UPF, launching The International Association of Academics for Peace, the International Media Association for Peace, the International Association for Peace and Economic Development, thus providing a platform to spread the culture and lifestyle of the Cheonilguk Era around the world, expanding True Parents' vision of Peace to 194 nations. In this era of Cheonilguk, the peaceful world that God had foreseen from the beginning of time will finally emerge as one united human family under God. Through the creation of this new external foundation, a new dimension is opening up for nations to receive and attend God as they follow the path of love outlined by True Parents. The path of peace is expanding throughout the world through Peace Road.




[World news]

We will now take a look at news from the mission fields, as members work hard to share true love and express deep sympathy for their fellow citizens during this pandemic.


True Family News


Joint Wonjeon Ceremony for Moon Hye-jin nim and Ra Yeong-shin nim

June 15, 2020 Paju Wonjeon


Under True Mother’s guidance, a joint Wonjeon Ceremony took place for Moon Hye-jin nim and Ra Yeong shin nim.Hye-jin was born on the 20th day of the sixth lunar calendar month. She was True Parents’ 2nd daughter. After 8 days however, as a providential sacrifice, she went to the spiritual world. Ra Yeong-shin was the eldest son of the Ra Im Yeol, a Zambian National Messiah family. Ra Yeong-shin was born on the 30th day of the 12th lunar calendar month in 1965 and passed away the following year. They received the spiritual blessing in the first stage of the 400 million couple blessing in 2000.

Rev. Lee Ki-seong, expressed joy in his speech for the first joint Wonjeong Ceremony in the True Family. We hope the couple, Hye-jin nim and Yeon-shin nim, in the spiritual world can support and attend our True Mother on earth and victoriously realize vision 2027. Let us make a resolution to bring absolute victory!



Peace Activities


UPF-Southeast Asia Challenges in Governance in the Time of a Global Pandemic - Web Seminar

June 11, 2020


UPF-Southeast Asia held its first Peace Talk Webinar on the theme “Challenges in Governance in the Time of a Global Pandemic.” The webinar drew 600 registered participants from 25 nations across the Asia Pacific region and other parts of the world. The webinar explored the critical role and challenges of government leaders, religious leaders, leaders from civil society and all other sectors of society in responding to the coronavirus pandemic. The participants, who shared the UPF’s vision and values, discussed how to turn the crisis into an opportunity. They actively agreed on the need for mutual harmony and cooperation in gathering practical wisdom from each field.



USA WFWP: Commemorating the International Day of Families with a Family Literacy Webinar

May 28, 2020


WFWP-International invited distinguished leaders who are having an impact within their fields and held seminars to share global perspectives and solve social problems. The events took place in commemoration of the 27th Anniversary of the UN International Day of Families. Dr. Taylor, an author, academic, and activist, spoke on the concept of "family literacy" which is now being used by many UN Member States in local projects to address the many problems and challenges that are the target of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


UPF­-Peru: Living for the sake of others - service to aid low-income families

Despite the government's quick and intense containment measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, with more than 230,000 confirmed cases, Peru had the second largest number of confirmed cases in Latin America, following Brazil.

So when the lock-down started in March, many started organizing activities in solidarity to aid low-income families by bringing them food.

Despite the risk of infection, many ambassadors for peace, local pastors, lawmakers, religious leaders and businessmen, give relief supplies and medicationthat is, Vitamins and Antibiotics.


In other News


Heavenly Korea: Rev. Lee Ki-seong’s regional tour for the Safe Settlement of a Heavenly Unified World and for Victory in Realizing Vision 2027


All providential activities had been forced to slow down due to the corona crisis but were revived under the fervent passion of filial piety towards Heaven. In Heavenly Korea, Rev. Lee Ki-seong made a regional tour for the safe Settlement of a Heavenly Unified World and Victory in Realizing Vision 2027.



Sub-Region 5: Kyeongnam Changwon Church

June 13, 2020


With the firm conviction to restore the country, Vice Chairman Pak Yeong Bae, of Sub- region 5, had the whole region participate in an online service which was graced by strong praise of young students.


Sub-Region 3: Chungnam Cheonan Church

June 14, 2020


Led by Vice Chairman Song In-young, Sub-region 3, Shinchungcheongguk [신충청국] a wellspring of patriotism, held a gracious service in the Cheonan church in south Chungcheong Province in the presence of all pastoral officials and central blessed families.


Sub-Region 1: Cheon Bok Gung Church

June 14, 2020


In the capital city, Seoul, the Cheon Bok Gung church under the supervision of Vice Chairman Joo Jin-tae, also had its launching service.


Sub-Region 2: HJ CheongShim International Youth Center

June 16, 2020


The heavenly nation of Kyeongwon in sub-region 2, held its launching service in the HJ CheongShim International Youth Center, led by Vice Chairman Hwang Bo-guk. They took the opportunity to thank the veterans from the 16 countries who protected Korea, laying the foundation for the re-unification of the Koreas. At each of the services, Rev. Lee Ki-seong said, “if we move forward with the same standard of sincerity and devotion as True Mother has done, Heaven will surely show us a miracle, and we will witness victory in 2027. In order for the grace for the era of a heavenly unified Korea to flow, let’s keep moving forward giving our all for absolute victory! This is the era when we can experience the Heavenly Fortune of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community.Leaders and families in each sub region reaffirmed their determination to redouble their efforts so that the spiritual authority and the authority of True Parents' love will flood the people of the world centered in heavenly Korea.


Sub Region 1: Cheon Bok Gung - A Mountain Top Prayer Meeting

June 13, 2020 HJ Yeongpyeong Resort, Mt. Balwang Holy Ground


The cheon Bok Gung church held a Mountain Top Prayer Meeting at the Holy Ground on Mt. Balwang located in the HJ Yeongpyeong Resort area under the guidance of Vice Chairman Joo Jin-tae and Kim Shin-han, head of the sub-region 1 Church. The event took place in the presence of over 50 people including pastors and young families from each district. The participants strongly resolved to bring victory during the 7-year course till 2027.


2-day Seminar for New Missionaries

June 1314, 2020


With the hope of increasing the number of missions’ areas in Brazil, 140 people participated in a seminar on how to be a pioneer. Some are now undergoing training, gaining qualifications and are preparing to be missionaries.  A total of 20 people are getting ready for their new mission, including new couples and 2nd generation couples!


Heavenly Japan: Dedication Ceremony of a New FFWPU Temple

June 7, 2020 the Karatsu Family Church in Saga District


In Heavenly Japan, a dedication ceremony for the Karatsu Family Church took place with a small number of participants in accordance with the Covid-19 infection prevention guidelines. The Karatsu area, which True Mother visited 1,300 days before the date of the dedication, is the gateway to the KoreaJapan Undersea Tunnel site.Chairman Eiji Tokuno of Heavenly Japan expressed that the Korea-Japan Undersea Tunnel and the Karatsu Church dedication could finally come about thanks to the dedication of many members. In his speech he spoke of the FFPWU members as a “community of destiny” which resonated well with all. The members once again made passionate determinations and resolved to create a connection between Korea and Japan through this undersea tunnel. This brought an end to the gracious dedication ceremony.




We are witnessing how all the seeds True Father planted, are now bearing fruit with True Mother’s efforts and love. In this new era of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community, let’s become embodiments of true love, and make Cheonilguk’s way of life and culture bear fruit! In these turbulent times, we send our prayers and love to all blessed families. Once more, thank you for holding the fort, and thank you for tuning in. God Bless.