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HJ Global News

HJ Global News
HJ Global News (4. 11. 2020)
Date created : 2020-04-11/ Views : 2800
2020 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony


An ideal world of peace where we are one family and where racial, religious and cultural barriers have broken down! The Blessing is the cornerstone to realize a peaceful world that grows into a large united human family under God.


Mankind inherited the sinful lineage because of the first ancestors’ false love.

True Parents revealed that Adam and Eve sinned due to false love which gave rise to a history of repeated destruction and suffering.

On the basis of divine providence founded on Christianity, True Parents’ path opened as the Messiah and Savior, God’s only begotten children.

Preaching that the key to the kingdom of heaven is in the family, over the past 60 years, they have led, out of great love for humanity, the blessing of marriages that has strengthened a global movement for peace.


True Mother:


The people fallen humankind most need are the True Parents. You cannot become the Creator’s, Heavenly Parent’s, child if you do not live a life engrafted to Him through the True Parents. Therefore, the only answer to solving all today’s problems is through receiving the marriage Blessing through the True Parents.


Thus, in 2013 True Parents proclaimed a world of peace without borders, Cheonilguk, teaching that the realization of true God-centered ideal families comes through the Blessing of marriages. On that basis, during the past 7 years True Mother conducted marriage blessing ceremonies with the participation and support of leaders and members from more than 7 countries and 7 religions.

In God's eyes, no distinction exists between skin colors, cultures, traditions, wealth and poverty... thus blessed families are creating a world in which we are all one family that embraces and attend God.

And in 2020, this year, 6,000 newly blessed couples from 64 countries began a new life; 9,000 previously married couples renewed their wedding vows and 600,000 couples from 194 countries participated in the international blessing through a live webcast.


The Holy Water Ceremony conducted by the officiants signifies the clearing of the past with rebirth, and resurrection, to a new life....

With one voice, all the participants responded with a YES! to the officiator. By responding to the blessing vows, they pledged to establish eternal bonds and to embody the divine ideal of creation. This was a sacred moment in which the commitment made between each groom and bride united them and all are determined to build model families.


Declaration of vows

Do you promise, as brides and grooms who

are to accomplish Heavenly Parent’s ideal from the time of the Creation, to tie the eternal marriage knot,

inherit the tradition established by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and perfect the ideal family that aims for Cheon Il Guk?


This blessing prayer of the officiator conveyed the precious value of the blessing to the participants, uniting them heart to heart.


How long did Heavenly Parent wait to show this day, to show the bright future of Cheon Il Guk to the entire world? True Parents give all glory and gratitude to God. Thank you for your great love and your protection. I pray and proclaim all these things in the name of True Parents. Aju!


As the beautiful rings that symbolize conjugal love shone on the hands of the brides and grooms, the affirmation of this holy matrimony was proclaimed unto all of heaven and earth.


Affirmation of Vows

I hereby declare that the Holy Wedding has been concluded in front of the Cosmos through the grace of Heavenly Parent and theTrue Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.



IMANAKA NOBUMASA: I want to have a happy family, both internally and externally. In addition to being blessed, I want to connect all of humanity to the blessing by True Parents so that everyone can be blessed with a happy life.

INOSHITA KANA: When my husband graduates from Sunmoon University, he will enroll in UPA; meanwhile I wish to pursue a public life in Japan.We both want to be leaders and live a public life. At the same time, we will strive to build a true ideal family.


This blessing marked the 100th anniversary of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s birth and the 60th anniversary of his Holy Wedding to Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. From 171 countries, 2,700 leaders, of whom 120 were heads or former heads of state, joined the blessing ceremony, thereby affirming its value and objectives.


Hon. Dan Burton, US Congress (1983 -2013) & co-Chairman IAPP

Mother Moon's blessing is something that will be with you all of your lives. And if you follow what Mother Moon has said today, you will have a happy, happy marriage and a wonderful life.


A performance displaying the Hyojeong culture of the heart, culture and thte arts unfolded on stage congratulating and encouraging the newly blessed families, and wishing them well in their future.


Reading of a letter from Moon Shin Chul and his wife

When two people come together and are aware of their own shortcomings, they can respect each other's opinions and become a couple, and are no longer separate people but become one. Mother, in this world, I will only love God and the True Parents more than I do (my wife) Chang Ji Woo.

I know the blessing won't always be easy.So, mother, I will take this blessing, which you have given us, as being more importance than my own life.


Now, through God's blessing, in 194 countries model true families are spreading to the world, projecting true peace to every corner of our planet.


"Hanshik": Ceremony of Tribute to the

Ancestors at Bonhyangwon and Paju Wonjon.

(April 5)

In Korea, members of the True Family accompanied by leaders from the Cheon Jeong Gung headquarters (천정궁), attended a ceremony to pay respect to ancestors at the Bonhyangwon (본향원), on the occasion of the "Hanshik" (한식). It was a special moment when the participants expressed their deep gratitude to True Parents, who lead the providence to restore God's status as the True Ancestor and True Parent. In addition, Reverend Lee ki-seong (이기성), President of FFWPU-Korea, conducted the same ceremony in Pajuwonjon (파주원전), in the presence of senior pastors and staff members of the Cheongpyeong Training Centre. This ceremony allowed the participants to more deeply fell a sense of responsibility for national restoration and to reaffirm their determination to move forward.


Physical Spiritual World - Blessed Couple

Mrs. Kim Myung-hee's Seonghwa Ceremony

April 3rd

The Seonghwa (성화) ceremony of Mrs. Kim myung-hee (김명희), who received the blessing with the Socrates in the spiritual world, took place on April 3 at Asan Hospital in Seoul. True Mother recognized the life of faith and filial piety of Mrs. Kim myung-hee (김명희) by dedicating a calligraphic message to her with the inscription: "A person of loyalty who contributed to the advent of the era of a Heavenly Unified Korea," and wishing for her peaceful ascension. Reverend Lee ki-seong (이기성) urged those present to place True Parents at the center of their lives, and insisted that we should take the life of faith of Mrs. Kim myung-hee (김명희), who has always served and loved True Parents, as an example. The ceremony of returning to the original land took place in the city of Chuncheon (춘천), under the leadership of the Reverend Hwang bo-kook (황보국). Mrs. Kim was 90 years old. The family members and others present today remembered the life of Kim myung-hee, and pledged to express their filial piety to True Parents.


Fight against Covid-19: UPF-Korea Activites,

of Southern Seoul Headquarters and Other Organizations

(April 7, Sun Moon University)

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, UPF Korea and other providential organizations expressed their brotherly heart by providing assistance to foreign students at Sunmoon University. Mr. Lee hyun-young (
이현영), Secretary General of UPF-Korea and President of the Korean Association of Religions, Mr. Kim Stephan, President of KCLC, and Mr. Yoo kyung-deuk (유경득), Secretary General of the volunteer group AEWON, all gathered in the main hall of the facility where they handed out approximately $3,000 and 17,000 mask replacement filters respectively.


Volunteer Work by the Seoul Southern District to fight against Corona

In addition, members of the South Seoul headquarters are contributing to the effort to fight the spread of the virus through several volunteer activities in subway stations, parks and shops in the Yeongdeungpo area (영등포).


"Home-church" in the framework of Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in general lockdown in several countries, members of the Family Federation around the world are holding "home churches", following sermons and pursuing online tribal messiah activities. Thus, "home churches" are held in each family, and tribal messiah activities continue through regular online communication with tribal members.