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HJ Global News

HJ Global News
HJ Global News (4. 4. 2020)
Date created : 2020-04-04/ Views : 3153
1. Special 
- For a Peaceful World Centered on Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values - International Association for Peace and Economic Development (IAED)

2. Other News
- WFWP: Donation of Replacement Filters for Surgical Masks / Voluntary work, Fight against Covid-19: Making Surgical Masks

3. Advice for Hoondok Family Meetings and Heavenly Tribal Messiah Activities

HJ Global News - News of the week, 04 April 2020

For a Peaceful World Centred on Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values
International Association for Peace and Economic Development (IAED)

100 years after today, this population has increased fivefold to nearly 7.7 billion people. 
In the 19th century, we had a World population of 1.6 billion people...

According to a recent United Nations report, the population is expected to reach 16 billion people by 2100.
In the face of this imminent surge in world population, how can we create a world of peace in which humanity can enjoy lasting happiness with limited resources?

Founded on the occasion of the 2020 World Summit, as a project of UPF, the International Association for Peace and Economic Development, which embodies the principles of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values, will strive to answer these issues.

True Parents emphasized that science and natural resources are assets placed at man's fingertips by God. Since the 1980's, they have undertaken a movement to create a balance of technology throughout the world.

In order to reduce the economic gap between developed and underdeveloped countries and to eliminate the disparities between rich and poor, they took over a German company and transferred its technology to third world countries. 
Realizing that the solution to the food problem lies in the ocean, which represents two thirds of the planet's resources, True Parents promoted the marine industry for the common good of mankind. They developed the fish powder industry, and through technological know-how exchange, they created various types of fish farms in South America.

In addition, through corporate activities in fields such as electronics, shipbuilding, heavy industry, construction, leisure, medicine and manufacturing, True Parents have been investing in a promising future by embracing the whole of humanity with a parent's heart for almost 40 years.

World Summit 2020: Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universal Values
3 Février, KINTEX, Ilsan
Launching of the International Association for Peace and Economic Development 
February 4, KINTEX, Ilsan

To honor the lives and legacy of True Parents' vision of peace, the World Summit 2020 brought together nearly 6,000 leaders from 171 countries, including 120 former and current Heads of State and Government.
Among the participants from the corporate sector at the summit, world-renowned investor JIM ROGERS, CEO of ROGERS HOLDINGS, opened the discussions by presenting his vision for the future of the Korean peninsula.

Jim rogers, Chairman, Rogers Holdings
Once the 38th parallel is open, you will see huge amounts of capital come to the Korea peninsula. You are going to have perfect interdependence on the Korea peninsula, which is going to lead to great prosperity.
I am very much in favor of interdependence, mutual prosperity, universal values and peace in Northeast Asia.

During the following two days, 400 businessmen, experts in the field of economy and government officials in charge of financial affairs from 64 countries, attended the  International Association for Peace and Economic Development conference.
These concurrent sessions of the World Summit, were co-sponsored and organizaed by the HJ Magnolia Global Foundation, under the theme: « Establishing and environment of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values -- the role of business leadership." HJ Magnolia Global Foundation is a holding company which includes 46 multi-sector firms in Korea, Japan and the US that were founded by True Parents.    

Thomas McDevitt, Chairman, HJ Magnolia Global Foundation 
This is a new venture for the UPF effort to gather men and women of the business world, the corporate world, the investment community and also the business academic community. A good business is good for society, is good for jobs, it is good for the governments of your countries, and we are very high on facilitating public and private partnerships. I like to look at this whole thing as a new type of grand strategy that can affect change in our nations, in our communities.

Seng Kyun Lee, Vice Chairman, HJ Magnolia Korean Foundation & HJ Magnolia Global Foundation
This IAED initiative is not a one-time event, but we develop a global network and we plan to work in collaboration with other organizations such as UPF, ISCP, IAPD to pursue these goals.

Subsequently, several key opinion leaders presented their vision for a world of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. 

Jim Rogers, Chairman, Rogers Holdings
[The Korean Peninsula] will be the single most exciting place in the world for the next 10 or 20 years.

Neil Bush, Chairman, Points of Light Foundation
In a recent CEO survey on sustainability conducted by the UN and Accenture, they found that only 21% of CEOs and business is currently playing a critical role in contributing to the UN Sustainable development goals. We share a common humanity and when we find a common ground with people of different religious, cultural and political backgrounds, the problems we worry about the most will go away.

IAED Conference: Focus Sessions
February 4-5, KINTEX, Ilsan

Session 1 : How can corporations contribute to the realization of a world of sustainable peace?
Session 2 : Fostering growth and finding innovative solutions to the complex challenges of the future
Session 3 : Pacific Civilization Era: Outlook for Economic Growth and Development in Asia
Session 4 : The role of globalization & the role of public-private partnerships in stimulating economic growth and development

After the official launch of the IAED conference, four  panels with distinguished speakers covered topics such as the higher purpose of business, innovation, high-growth regions, the Asia Pacific area and the case for a new global association of like-minded business leaders.

There was consensus among participants that innovation in business can be most effective in solving the world's problems, such as environmental issues, access to health care and education. Conference speakers addressed the vital role of business leaders and economic strength in creating lasting peace in communities, nations and the world. 

Session 1/ Paul Pinto, Institute for Economics and Peace 
We have estimated that the cost of violence last year was US dollars. If we were to reduce the cost of violence by just 10% we unlock this economic potential and use it for business and innovation.

Session 2/ Hon Clifford Stearns, Executive Director, APCO Worldwide 
Contact lens! With this new technology, you can use the device to open the internet simply by your voice.
Hand or head movement will allow you to go into virtual reality, an augmented reality where you can bring in countries, you can bring in problems, you can bring in all kind of things.

Session 3/ Deepak Nayyar, Emeritus Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University
The rise of Asia, I believe, represents the beginning of a shift in the balance of economic power in the world. Around 2050, a century after the end of colonial rule, Asia will account for more than half of world income and will be home to more than half the people on earth.

Session 4/ William Eimicke, Founding director of the Picker Center for Executive Education at Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs 
So as quickly as I can I would argue our most pressing problems in the world, climate change, affordable education, health care for all, housing for all and inequality are not going to be solved by government alone.  So if we are going to attack these problems and solve them in the future, it's going to require a partnership.  

Session 4/ Mathew Griffin & Donald Lee, Co-founders of Combat Flip Flops
Following their brilliant presentation, the co-founders of COMBAT FLIP FLOPS received a round of applause. They created jobs by building factories in Afghanistan, then invested the profits in the creation of educational centres for children in war zones and orphans that were used in the terrorist attacks. 

Launch of the International Association for Peace and Economic Development 
February 4th to 5th, KINTEX, Ilsan

Following the launch of IAED and as a conclusion of the two day intensive conference, a number of action plans were proposed including the expansion of IAED networks in each region, and possible business partnerships betweem HJ Magnolia Global Foundation and groups like the Cambodian Chamber of Commerce. 

Gerard Willis, Vice-chairman of HJ Magnolia Global Foundation
I would like to give a short brief on what I think IAED can stand for...Speaking on the role of business in society, His Excellency Ban Ki-moon spoke to all of us, and said that business can be a force for good. And despite examples of corporate greed, irrational exuberance, shortsighted mismanagement of human and physical resources, overall business has indeed been a force for good. We believe at IAED in the power of business to do good.

Presented by Mr. Thomas McDevitt, Chairman of the IAED resolution was unanimously adopted by more than 400 business leaders from 64 countries. The participants pledged to further expand this network of like-minded business professionals, outlining the importance of corporate social responsibility, in encouraging value-based investments, preserving the environment and natural resources, saving energy, and contributing to human development.

An international network of business profressionals that will provide solutions to the world's problems through technological innovation and by creating a framework of cooperation based on interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal values. The International Association for Peace and Economic Development will strive to create a world of peace for all!

■ [Other News]

WFWP: Donation of Replacement Filters for Surgical Masks 
31st March
As part of the fight against Covid-19, WFWP staff members, led by its International President JULIA MOON and WFWP Korean President KIM SOO-HYUN (김수현), handed over 1,500 replacement filters to residents of Cheongpadong (청파동), Seoul. JULIA MOON comforted the residents by urging them, to please work together to overcome the Covid-19 outbreak. She also gave them several copies of True Mother's autobiography. Ever since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Women's Federation has consistently expressed its motherly heart by practice living a life of love for the sake of others. In fact, it has deployed material and human resources to assist vulnerable people in the DAEGU (대구) and GYEONGBUK (경북) areas providing them with prevention kits. They also volunteered in the manufacturing of surgical masks.

Voluntary work, Fight against Covid-19: Making of Surgical Masks
March 15
As part of the “An act of warmth” campaign undertaken by the volunteer group AEWON (애원), several members from the HJ International Foundation for World Peace participated in a volunteer activity helping to create replacement filters for surgical masks. The students who received masks and financial support from the HJ Foundation, Korea Religions Association and KCLC, aimed to return the love received through this activity. They made 500 masks and gave them to foreign students. We hope that all the unificationists around the world will overcome this crisis by immersing themselves in true love. As a result of the campaign undertaken by the volunteer group AEWON (애원), several scholarship recipients from the HJ International Foundation for World Peace participated in making spare filters for surgical masks.