TRUE PARENTS�� MESSAGES 1 A Life Devoted to Others Above: True Parents with Uruguayan President Alberto Lacalle; Father gave this speech in the Na- tional Theater in Montevideo on the tenth anniversary of CAUSA��s founding, April 27, 1991. 4 True Peace
am most honored to be with you Christian love. This unfortunate their originally intended standards. here in Montevideo, Uruguay��s beginning developed into a selfish Religious and cultural movements, beautiful capital. I feel heartfelt and exploitative tradition that political parties and social systems Igratitude toward Uruguay��s citi- remains to this day. often fall into division, contradiction zens, who have so warmly welcomed If Latin America wishes to be an and disharmony within themselves, me, especially those who prepared example to the world of peace and and even fight with one another. In such a wonderful occasion today. reconciliation, it needs to abandon the world today, wrongful political I would like to congratulate you past customs and make a fresh start. and religious zeal and narrow mind- who have devoted yourselves to your Since its liberation from Spain and the edness still induce antagonism and homeland for ten years now, culmi- other colonial powers, Latin America hatred. These are clearly not desired nating in this tenth anniversary has nurtured a great dream of unity objectives of people of faith and good celebration of CAUSA-Uruguay��s as a neighborhood of countries. conscience. We must not bequeath founding. Personally, visiting this Simon Bolivar, with his idea of such mistaken traditions to our de- country in the center of South Patria Grande, Jose Artigas, who scendants. What is the direction we America that plays a key role among brought about Uruguay��s indepen- ought to take? What is the proper Latin American nations moves me. dence, and other Latin American tradition to bequeath? patriots, all envisioned Latin American Technological standardization unity. Today, the world��s nations seek God��s ideal begins from the family This is the first time for me to visit greater unity via cultural, economic For us to understand more about the your beautiful country, although I and political endeavors. That the vision direction humanity must take to toured various South American of one world, with the Latin American achieve harmony and peace, to un- nations twenty-six years ago. Since dream as a precursor, is shining with derstand God��s ideal for the creation then, I have never forgotten Latin ever-greater luster is clear. is necessary. For God, who is absolute America. I have worried about this Sharing this vision, I have support- and eternal, why was creation neces- region��s future for years. I have been ed and promoted Latin America��s sary? What could God have absolute- especially concerned about the Latin dream through organizations such as ly needed? Material goods, knowl- American people��s spiritual salvation. CAUSA, AULA, PWPA and the edge or power? These are available to We are on the threshold of the five Global Summit. Through these orga- God anytime. True love alone is what hundredth anniversary of the nizations, for several years I have God cannot create by himself, European discovery of the Americas, called many ex-presidents and ex- because one can achieve true love a historic and pivotal point at which prime ministers together. We have only with a reciprocal partner. we must think seriously about the studied how to promote the coopera- Without a counterpart, even God origin of this continent��s culture, our tion and unity of all countries. For just cannot realize love. For this very present reality and our future. this purpose, fourteen Latin America reason God needed the world of I believe the Americas remained countries�� ex-presidents met under creation. unknown to Europeans until the end AULA��s auspices here in Montevideo What is true love? We know Jesus of the fifteenth century not by chance in 1986. Your homeland, Latin sacrificed his life to love his enemies. but because of God��s providence. God America, still has serious cultural, This is true love, love you give to had prepared these continents for a economic and political problems. others even at the risk of your life, a role in his providence. Many of the Building a peaceful and abundant love given without any thought of first Europeans to cross the Atlantic future requires your effort to resolve reward. Only through true love can and settle in the New World were them. Latin American countries have we obtain eternal life and eventually deeply devout, seeking a land where the same responsibility in world become citizens of the heavenly they could freely worship God and reformation as do the developed kingdom. As we observe the mineral, bring Christ��s message to the New countries. For the ideal world��s estab- plant and animal worlds, we see they World��s native peoples. Certainly, lishment, you need to extend technol- were created to participate in relation- God desired unity and friendship to ogy distribution and free exchange of ships of subject partner?object blossom between the native peoples ideas to all nations. partner pairs that can respond in and the European settlers. These serious problems face all harmony, based on love. The New World of America was humanity, as do ignorance, hunger Likewise, a harmonious love exists supposed to be a model of harmony and disease?products of deeper, between a husband and wife for each under God for all people. This did not underlying spiritual causes that other and for their children. We find take place as God had hoped. Along responsible citizens everywhere these relationships on each level of with good, devout people, many urgently need to address. We��re the creation. selfish ones came to the New World. living through a transition in Humankind is at the center, They abused the natives and took history. In the past, many move- created to be on the highest level, the their wealth. Slavery and racism ments?religious, cultural and closest to God. We are the partners of added to these woes. Thus, God political?arose upon noble ideals in God��s love. Thus, men and women are couldn��t always bless the foundation pursuit of a better world. Despite the object partners of God��s true love. of this new culture. In some cases, great accomplishments, the move- Without them, God cannot reach his they established nations based on ments and the institutions they goal of true love. God established true greed rather than on the model of established often departed from love, the ideal for the creation, as the June 2019 5
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