After vociferously welcoming True Mother, the ACLC audience listened to her intently. ood afternoon, everyone. ation as God wished. But the Israelites with some asserting that God had How are you doing? did not recognize Jesus. They did not died. Jesus said [Matthew 22:39] After the fall of Adam know Jesus�� essence. Love your neighbor as yourself,�� Gand Eve, God allowed In short, they did not know what but as a result of living a life oppo- religions in different regions of the kind of being God is either. Thus, Jesus site to that and when being in the world to pursue goodness in order to could not fulfill the whole purpose for situation of not being able to prog- create the conditions for him to which he had come. Before he went ress further, in the seventh century embrace humanity again. through the crucifixion, he announced King James had the Bible translated God originally created heaven that he would return. And what hap- from Hebrew to English thanks and and earth and everything in creation pened to the Israelites for leading Jesus this gave rise to The Puritans. The in his image. Finally, he created a to crucifixion? They paid a tremen- migration of these Puritans, desiring male and a female, who would dous price for it. to worship God without the restric- become the (good) human ancestors. Christianity arose with the tions of the old system, gave birth to He gave humans responsibilities to Apostles, who while waiting for Jesus�� what is now the United States. God fulfill during their time of growth. return, gained rebirth through the wanted to create the foundation for However, as they grew up, Adam work of the Holy Spirit. At first, the Lords return through this demo- and Eve fell into a position separate however, they were severely persecut- cratic country. from God. God, in his desire to ed. Later, having received official The beginnings were good, but embrace humanity and fulfill his recognition in Rome in 313, when the United States had econom- dream, established fundamental Christianity spread from the Italian ic abundance, abundance in every principles of creation, so he had no Peninsula to Europe and crossed into respect, it turned away from God choice but to lead the providence of England. and was in a situation of family salvation. At that time, England went out disintegration, juvenile delinquency Thus, he establishes a chosen into the world and people said [of and communism was threatened it; people and has been leading the the British Empire] that the sun in a situation of not being able to do providence of restoration through never set on it. They went out into anything to prevent it, and since to indemnity from the individual level the world ostensibly doing mission- save the world it was first necessary to the national level. You gentlemen, ary work. However, being ignorant to take America to Gods side, we by means of the Bible, know what of God��s essence and Jesus�� essence, crossed over to the United States and kind of lives the Israelites led and they finally ended up with a culture performed providential work there how difficult the course of redemp- of looting, of selfishness, of prioritiz- for forty years. I am speaking of the tion must have been that it took ing their national interests. And True Parents. Heaven four thousand years until he although they managed to be an Jesushope was to be a True could send Jesus Christ, of whom he economically rich and powerful Father. To do so, he had to find God��s said, This is my beloved son [Matthew country, in the inner aspect, on the only daughter, who had not mani- 3:17]. Then, after such a long time, spiritual side, they created many fested at that time. God chooses God sent his only son, his son who difficulties. From among believers in another people among whom he can could fulfill the purpose of the cre- Christianity communism arose, give birth to his only daughter. So 14 True Peace
Success or failure often hinges on clearly understanding ones role. True Mother is helping us to deepen our understanding of what part we have in Gods work to restore the original parent?child relationship he intended us to have. God��s only daughter was born in time, the democratic system in South fulfill your responsibilities. What Korea in 1943 through the Christian Korea had not yet stabilized. How will they be? You must be the foundation that God had prepared could God not do anything when messiah of your congregations and for four thousand years. Those days seeing that situation? Although it was of your tribe. Only through the were before the end of the Second a country unknown to the world, blessing in marriage is it possible for World War. sixteen UN member nations mobi- you to become messiahs. Are you World War II ended in 1945. Korea lized and protected democracy in the willing to do that? I want to talk had been under the Japanese govern- South. Why do you think that hap- about you to God with pride. ment. Its liberation came in 1945 but pened? Because of my mission, Enduring infinite sadness and pain the Allies divided it into North and because I was the only begotten in search of his lost children for six South. Divided with the northern daughter. Gods hope is that the only thousand years, God waited all this part being a communist country and begotten daughter would grow up, time for True Parents to emerge on the southern part a democracy. The find the one who came to take on the earth and take control of his situa- North had completely Sovietized and only begotten son��s mission, and both tion. He wanted to fulfill his Will was preparing to invade the South. would become True Parents. two thousand years ago through At that time, I was born in the North Seeing the world��s situation, I Jesus Christ, but because the chosen when the history of Christianity could not continue to doubt and Israelites did not receive him, it took there had been brief. But from all although I was still close to being a two thousand years for the birth of over the world, those worshiping in child, in 1960 I came into the position the only begotten, the True Mother, spirit and in truth, knew very well of True Mother. In 2020, sixty years to fulfill humanity��s hope, Gods about the Messiah. All Christians will have passed since that day. Since dream of the united human family. If expected the return of Jesus Christ its inception, the work of the blessing the 7.6 billion people who make up coming over the clouds, but these is to give rebirth to fallen humanity humanity attend God, God can spiritual groups knew that only by through True Parents. We started embrace them and become true sons being physically born could the with three couples and today there and daughters of loyalty, of filial purpose of the divine Creation come are thousands and thousands; we piety there will be no more wars, to fulfillment. This is how I was born, created countless blessed families. I conflicts or obstacles that prevent amidst God��s special protection told you that the title was the ��Role unity. All the clergy gathered here through these spiritual groups. God of the Chosen People.�� The chosen today are messiahs of their clans and had to protect me for me to grow up people! People God had chosen! Who congregations. A messiah has to save safely. Because of the faith that the are the chosen people in the twen- people. Right? That is achieved Lords return would occur around ty-first century, in the age of the True through the blessing, through the Pyongyang, my family could not Father? Its you. All of you here today, Movement of True Family. Will you think of going to the South. But God, as chosen people of the twenty-first do it that way? I hope you will work foreseeing the future, put us in the century, have responsibilities to very enthusiastically for America to situation of having to go to the South. fulfill. In the past, for not fulfilling fulfill its filial duty to God, who has Two years after arriving in the South, theirs, the Israelites paid a tremen- waited so long for this country to the Korean War broke out. At that dous price. You, today��s elect, must embrace the world. June 2019 15
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