1 2 1 Thomas Walsh, international president of the Universal Peace Federation and Thomas McDe- vitt, chairman of the Washington Times presenting flowers to True Mother 2 Cho Song-il, director-general of the FFWPU International Headquarters, presented a report on the events at the victory celebration and was master of ceremonies. 3 3 The celebration cake True Parents have touched is not sounds good, doesn��t it? That is how correctly understand the will and valuable, no such place is not historic. we will do it. All the graduates will offer their lives appropriately in front Yet you must look far. This is not yet be educated to become leaders who of Heaven. You should open the way True Parents�� nation. When you need have qualifications and skills in all for them. The Cheon Il Guk Supreme to look far and advance, you should respects. Do you understand? [Yes] Council has a chairman, but he not be trying to figure out the right Cho Kwang-myong, you should cannot do it alone. How can one and wrong of small things. try harder. To mention one more person manage our members on five Are any elder members here? Yu thing, the Cheon Jeong Won [com- continents and five oceans? There has Jeong-ok? Is everyone a staff member prising five organs of the operating to be people to cooperate with. Presi- or are you only leaders? It is the same body of Cheon Il Guk] office is deeply dent Ryu [of the Korean church], do for everyone. You must change by important. It needs to be stabilized you understand? [Yes, I do.] We need fulfilling your responsibilities. You while I am alive. The World Mission to educate our church elders well so must become clear. I said that I have Headquarters is also important. that they can grow and not feel revealed the truth about providential There should be no gaps with me. We neglected. history in the presence of God and have to unite. Things need to be True Parents also need to continue humankind. That truth relates to the instantly passed among Korea, Japan, to advance. How long will you wear only-begotten daughter. Do you America, and through all five conti- yourselves out in front of True Par- understand? [Yes] Just like Jesus, I nents and six oceans. We have to ents by holding on to your worries? was born with no connection to move as one body. In that sense, Huh? In the past, many people in Satan��s realm. You have only now those regional presidents and special leadership positions did not think of come to know about this precious emissaries appointed as Supreme the whole but acted selfishly? There truth. Do you know how precious Council vice-chairmen should take can be no development in that way. Mother is? good care of long-time members. However, now is different. I am You saw the UPA cadets earlier. In doing so, you need to open the different. I will not stand aside and [To the cadets] I am proud of you and way so that they can fulfill their watch that happen. Do you under- I love you. I recently promoted the responsibilities as blessed members stand? I am telling you to get a hold Graduate School of Theology. Sunhak before they die. They are the church- of yourselves. For world restoration, UP [Universal Peace] Graduate es�� pillars, aren��t they? No matter the the Cheon Jeong Won�� I sent the School. Did you understand? It is not country, the elder members of a vice-president of FFWPU Internation- Cheongshim but Sunhak. The name church are its center. They should al Headquarters, An Jun-seok, to 8 True Peace
True Mother presenting plaques marking the graduation of Universal Peace Academy students who have completed their one-year internships as missionaries abroad Europe as its special emissary. Is An succeed. I am emphasizing that each God��s only begotten daughter. I had Jun-seok here? How is your work of you have your own responsibility. only planned to compliment you on progressing? You will need to work Thus, when the entire world recog- your hard work today. Did I raise my hard to fulfill your duty. Please sit. nizes that you have risen to the world voice a bit? This is a spank on the CARP president Kwon In-seong, level, you can become independent. bottom so that you grow well. Okay? become a good example in your post. Until then, each national leader has a [Yes] Have I said everything I meant I want to remove the World-CARP CARP leader under him. All of them to say? I am quite multifaceted, president��s entitlements. Okay? do, right? All the national leaders in extremely complex. There is a song that I find affinity every nation should support those This time I took a new look at with nowadays, ��Geu-nomui sarang leaders in carrying out their responsi- Cheon Il Guk Special Envoy Otsuka. ddaemunae�� [��That Darn Love��]. I sing bilities so that CARP grows. He has great potential for future it every day: Once I abandoned my How can a big tree have no roots? growth. I will be expectant of you, greed, flowers of joy blossomed. Hmm? Can there be a pastor if there Otsuka. Therefore, I hope that you Please listen intently to why I am are no members? You must come to will carry out the work as the Special telling you these things. We are one. your senses. You should work hard envoy of Northeast Asia and the We must unite and advance. World- and offer devotion asking, What can I regional president simultaneously. CARP is different now from when do for True Parents and for True Chung Jin-hwa, please work in the Hyo Jin nim was here. It has to grow, Parents�� will? If a person thinks Cheongpyeong Training Center��s but it has not set down roots in each about his or her status and how he or international department. Okay? country. So why does the World- she should be treated, that person From now on, this training center CARP president need such a struc- cannot develop much. Do you under- needs to work on the global level, and ture? Whether in America or in stand? [Yes] you will need to speak foreign lan- Japan, it should develop within its I feel as if you do not yet know me guages for workshops and for coun- own country first. Do you under- well. If even my own children, born seling second-generation members stand? from my own womb are inadequate, who come from all around the world. Earlier, the national leader said I do not use them. Do you under- Can you give Divine Principle lec- that young people are easily recruit- stand this? [We understand.] They tures in English? Still, please try ed. It is the same for CARP. The have responsibilities. They have harder. Okay, you can sit now. With person that actually takes responsi- indemnity. I am a thorough person. our dream nearby, let us all become bility, makes effort and acts, will That is why I am the True Parent; victors by 2020. March 2016 9
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