From left: Hwa-yun Chun and her husband, Kwon Jin Moon; Mr. Akhtar Ali, mayor, Nasinu Town Council in Fiji; Maria Lopardo, an Argentinian congresswoman; Sun Jin Moon and her husband, In Sup Park; Thomas Walsh, UPF international president; Choi Jai-chul, Korean government ambassador for Climate Change; and Saburo Takizawa, a retired U.N. High Commission for Refugees�� representative in Japan, were among those who enhanced International Leadership Conference 2016, the theme of which was Addressing the Critical Challenges of Our Time: The Role of Governments, Civil Society and Faith-Based Organizations. salutogenesis, which means ��the those who practice true stewardship restore our planet, and to restore origin of health.�� We have lost the and respect for all life on this planet, ourselves. However, it will not be by way to true health, as individuals, as people who have dedicated their lives government policy alone that the families, as societies, and as a planet. for the sake of future generations. kind of changes that are required will We seek health and happiness, but To prevent global conflict and be implemented effectively. We often find ourselves racing forward into destruction, my parents always hear the term ��political will�� applied deeper levels of stress, illness and taught that how we live our lives, how to situations that require widespread insecurity. we join in marriage and raise our commitment and decisive action. All the environmental issues we families and how we interact in the Even when policies may be in place, discuss today are interconnected. world must be centered on true love, when political will is lacking, the They are related to and derive from living for the sake of others. results fall short of the desired goal. the many conscious and unconscious With every breath, at every mo- This is why it is so important that we choices we make each day. What we ment, they worked tirelessly to create draw on the great spiritual and moral consume, what we dispose of, and the a moral, spiritual, social and political traditions for inspiration, guidance way we live, either contributes to the shift toward the true path of enlight- and direction at this time. destruction of the earth or helps save ened consciousness, responsibility While fear of threats provides a the earth. If we make conscious effort and right action. This is why the great incentive for action, it often to educate ourselves, our families and vision of UPF, and the Sunhak Peace leads to action that is both too late our communities to choose health and Prize underscores the importance of and too little. Spiritual inspiration, on sustainable prosperity, an upward respect for the natural world, the the other hand, has most often been cycle of positive change can arise. planet, the oceans and all living able to guide humanity to go beyond beings. self-interest, and to avoid what is My parents�� shared quest called the ��free rider�� problem. Pope My father and mother love humanity Let us join hands Francis�� encyclical from last year, and nature, and in their lifelong I also appreciate the work of the ��Our Common Home�� is an example ministry they have taught that all United Nations and the UN Frame- of the way religion can guide us to human beings need to live together as work Convention on Climate restore balance to our lives. one family, in harmony with God, Change�� which has taken direct Finally, one of the great challenges with each other, and with all of cre- action to seek to mitigate the impact of our time is rooted in the ways we ation. This has been their platform for of climate change. The COP 21 Sum- are divided and at odds with one realizing a world of peace and pros- mit, convened in Paris last Decem- another, separated by nationality, perity. They have invested all their ber, was encouraging in that the religion, sect, ethnicity, culture and human and monetary resources to entire world, 195 nations, is becom- political ideology. Too seldom do we educate the world about how to live in ing increasingly concerned and rise above these differences to bind unity and goodwill with all forms of engaged. our hearts and minds together, as one life. Moreover, not only governments family under God. Precisely such Since my father ascended three are onboard, but also many civil action is needed at this time. years ago, I have accompanied my society organizations, faith-based Let us work together to achieve mother on speaking tours around the organizations, municipalities, and that vision of sustainable peace, world as she strives to raise aware- corporations. There is a growing health and prosperity, and steward- ness of the need for all of us to care awareness of the problem and in- ship of our ��common home�� and for God��s creation. My mother found- creasing demands for solutions. practice true love for all beings and ed the Sunhak Peace Prize to honor We must do everything we can to creation. 12 True Peace
TRUE CHILDREN��S MESSAGES 2 In Support of Our Precious Community In Sup Park, vice-president of FFWPU International, delivered this keynote address, at the Global Cranes Club Assembly at the Jamshil Lotte Hotel, in Seoul Korea, on February 19. eloved Fellow Cranes! It is a tremendous joy and honor for me to have this opportu- Bnity to greet you all here today. I am profoundly grateful that each and every one of you has gath- ered for this special Cranes Club meeting, where we will share togeth- er and discuss our plans and goals for 2016. First of all, I want to express my deep appreciation to True Parents, for their lives of love and sacrifice for all of us. Also, I want to share my bound- less gratitude to True Mother, who is carrying the heavy burden of leader- ship of our worldwide movement. We are very proud of her, and I know we all want to do our best to support her, doing the best we can, despite our limitations. In developing the Cranes Club with the guidance and blessing of True Mother, many people asked me, What is its purpose? Frankly, in the beginning, the project was met with some skepticism and doubt. However, as we launched Cranes Club in the United States, Europe and Korea in 2015, we received a lot of feedback and recommendations. We received much encouragement and inspiration, but we also received many construc- tive suggestions for improvement. Many wanted to see Cranes Club become an organization that was very Vice-President Park at the Global Cranes Club Assembly interactive, focusing on dialogue, connecting, and networking. The purpose of Cranes Club especially as a second-generation workshops, Sunday school programs Overall, I think there are several key member. First of all, on a very per- and summer camps, up until the motivations for starting Cranes Club, sonal level, growing up in the second time of the blessing. The church did a based on my personal experience, generation, I experienced numerous great job in educating and support- March 2016 13
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