TRUE CHILDREN��S MESSAGES 1 True Parents�� Love for Our Endangered Planet This was the keynote address delivered by Sun Jin Moon, FFWPU international presi- dent, at UPF��s International Leadership Conference 2016, at the Jamshil Lotte Hotel in Seoul, on February 14. ation live consciously together in harmony, cooperation and mutual prosperity. They have always taught that in order for peace to be achieved, all individuals must, first of all, trans- form their consciousness and be- come people of honorable character and sincere heart whose actions are guided by moral and spiritual princi- ples. Secondly, the family unit must be made healthy, stable and loving; for family is the school of love. It is with- in the family that the core virtues of love, goodness, compassion, caring, faith and responsibility are learned. The upright and decent behavioral qualities of our children are learned and formed by the wholesome and loving example of each parent. Thirdly, all human beings must develop greater awareness and sensi- tivity to the way we think, speak and act, not only in relation to other mem- bers of the human family, but also in relation to all beings and the world around us. We are all precious gifts of life created by God. In other words, for my parents, a love of creation is an essential component of their spiritual, moral and theological vision. We FFWPU International President Moon cannot imagine achieving peace without having a loving respect for the world around us, our environ- ment. am delighted and honored to the Washington Times and the Segye In fact, according to the world��s have the opportunity to address Times. religions, human beings are created you today at the outset of this Throughout their lives, my parents with a responsibility to take care of I dedicated themselves to the goal of the earth, to be good steward of the International Leadership Confer- ence sponsored by the Universal building a world of lasting peace, a earth, and to view the earth, includ- Peace Federation, in cooperation with world in which all people and cre- ing all natural things and all living 10 True Peace
Sun Jin nim addressing International Leadership Conference 2016, which upf.org reports attracted more than three hundred delegates from sixty nations and a hundred and forty parliamentarians. Our international president seemed ��in her element�� as she expressed deep concerns and conveyed True Mother��s deep concerns for the natural environment. things, as expressions of God. consequences are imbalance, suffer- crease of new ��super bugs��, viruses Some of my earliest memories as a ing, fighting and war. He warns, and disease. child are of my parents�� love for the ��We must stop waging war and These tragic developments are natural world. They spent much of forcing people to suffer. It is perverse exacerbated by fracking, unsustain- their time exploring the natural to start wars and squander hundreds able energy consumption and unnat- world, from Kodiak, Alaska, to the of billions of dollars. The time has ural and unsustainable food produc- Amazon jungles and the Pantanal come for us to beat our swords into tion. Our world is out of balance, Region of South America, to the plowshares and our spears into resulting from the way we live, often waters of the Hudson River Valley in pruning hooks�� It refers to an unconsciously and without a larger New York, and even this area around equalization of the world��s standard awareness that all life must be re- Cheongpyeong Lake in Korea. Nature of living. When someone monopoliz- spected and honored for the sake of was their second home. I spent many es a technology and keeps profits for the world and one another, and not a summer��s day with them on a himself the balance of the world is just our own convenience. fishing boat. upset��. This will require sacrifice If we really open our eyes, we will Now, looking back, I have nothing from those with greater material see that our food, our water, our air, but admiration for their love of nature possessions or knowledge. Building our lands, our bodies and the basic as a sacred gift of God. I will cherish a world of peace cannot be done life elements are being polluted at an these memories for eternity. But, what with onetime charitable acts or alarming rate. We are even polluting pains my heart is that this is an expe- donations. Only sincere love and outer space with what is called ��space rience that many in our future gener- continuous sacrifice are capable of junk.�� ations will never have, unless we creating a world of peace. We must At the same time, we observe so change how we live today. be willing to offer everything. The many other indicators of human In my father��s autobiography, A world can be completely unified only beings being ��out of balance,�� for Peace-Loving Global Citizen, he when there is both physical commu- example, over-consumption leading pleads for humanity to wake up, nication and communication of the to obesity and chronic illness are at stating, ��Human selfishness is de- heart.�� ?p. 341?2 one end of a spectrum, and food stroying nature. Competition for the shortage, poverty, and more illness shortest route to economic success is Spiritual root of the harm we do are at the other. the main reason that the earth��s As we lose our connection to God, We have lost touch with nature, as environment has been damaged. We our Heavenly Parent, we lose connec- GMOs [genetically modified organ- cannot allow the earth to be damaged tion with the world around us. This is isms] proliferate, and inhumanely any further. Religious people must our sad reality as we face so many treated animals are horrifically pro- lead the way in the effort to save devastating consequences of our cessed and chemically engineered. nature. Nature is God��s creation and abuse of one another and of the earth. Are these manufactured food prod- His gift to humankind. We must We have lost our center; we have lost ucts likely to keep our human family work quickly to awaken people to the perspective. healthy? No! A new generation of preciousness of nature and the urgent All around us we see the disheart- children may not outlive their par- need to restore it to the rich and free ening effects of climate change: global ents. What is happening to our world, state it enjoyed at the time of cre- warming, sea levels rising, acidifica- our families, and all creation is devas- ation.�� (Page 310) tion, mass extinction of marine and tating! He knew that when natural re- animal life, deforestation, food short- In order to regain our health, we sources come to be seen merely as ages and extreme fluctuation of need to change our orientation to life commodities, no longer sacred, the weather patterns, and even an in- fundamentally. I like the concept of March 2016 11
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