JAPANESE MISSIONARIES A Japanese Woman Serving as Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionary The Asia Pacific Summit 2018 took place in Kathmandu, Nepal, on December 1?3. This is a testimony by a Japanese Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionary who contributed to the success of that event. By Mrs. Yukari Vishwakarma-Shida was able to take part in the company official in his forties, to take bring more, but the number of people historic Asia Pacific Summit 2018 part in the summit. He had brought we could bring along was limited in Nepal with my husband, three hundred out of six hundred since the main target of the blessing Idaughter and mother. Nepal is guests to the blessing ceremony we ceremony was the mayors. The presi- one of the poorest countries in Asia. held as a tribal messiah back in Nepal dent of my husband��s cousin��s So, for me to see international dele- a few years ago. He also gave us company, who took part in the gates from forty-five counties includ- financial support. My husband and I summit, said, ��Only the Universal ing seven heads of state or govern- have been concerned about the people Peace Federation can host a program ment and former ones participating in who participated in that blessing with so many international the summit was unbelievable. ceremony because we were not able to delegates.�� My husband (Mr. Binod conduct much follow-up blessing Gratitude emanated from everyone Vishwakarma) from Nepal and I education for them. at the victory celebration, which we received the blessing in 2015. For My husband��s cousin was planning participated in with my father-in-law. assorted reasons, we decided to move to go on a trip to Dubai (UAE) during My mother-in-law passed away four to my hometown in Sapporo, the Nepal summit, but my husband years ago, and since then my father- Hokkaido, following our daughter��s convinced him to cancel his trip and in-law has lived a self-sufficient life birth two years ago, but we have participate in the summit with his with his younger son��s family. At the promised to return to Nepal for the wife. time of the summit, he spent two time being. days traveling to Kathmandu to meet We heard about the December 1 Reaching out to loved ones his grandchild, our daughter, for the Nepal summit in September, three The blessing ceremony was not only first time. His eyes were filled with months before it began. From that day for mayors and vice mayors but also tears as soon as he saw her. My on, my husband and I started to offer for ordinary citizens if they were husband and I wanted him to partici- prayers and do bowing conditions, participating as a couple. So, my pate in the blessing ceremony but because we thought this summit husband left for Nepal by way of only couples who were both physical- would be an especially important Thailand ten days earlier than I and ly present were able to take part. occasion for us to fulfill our mission headed for a village named Dharan, However, he was able to participate in as heavenly tribal messiahs and to where his cousin lives. Dharan is a the victory celebration and meet True participate in building a national and twelve-hour drive east of Kathmandu. Mother. global salvific foundation. My husband stayed at his cousin��s They held the celebration on Furthermore, my husband decided to place for a week and visited profes- December 3, with True Mother contact one or more relatives or sors and peace ambassadors among present. Asia��s national leaders gave friends each day to inform them his relatives and invited them to the their impressions of the summit. They about the summit. summit. As a result, we were able to were all full of gratitude that the Among them, he put special effort bring five couples to the blessing summit was a success. The emcee into asking one of his cousins, a ceremony. In fact, we had wanted to tried to stop them when they exceed- 42 True Peace
The writer received the blessing with her husband, Mr. Binod Vishwakarma, in 2015. ed the time allowed for each presenta- partner. I decided to become a mis- tion, but they were too overwhelmed sionary because I wanted to offer to stop speaking. True Mother more conditions of sincerity. seemed happy to see their However, since a strong sense of enthusiasm. mission, a calling as a missionary, In her speech, True Mother said, was driving me, I did not think about ��Nepal is filled with natural beauty the blessing during my stint as a such as Mt. Everest. This nation will missionary. develop through tourism in the A year later, I wanted to continue future. It is heavenly Nepal and the my mission for another year, so I heavenly Himalayas.�� applied for the second class, but I fell Nepal is still a developing country. ill. Since I was at a marriageable age, There are no traffic rules. Dogs and the regional president of heavenly cows run loose, and the government Asia, Rev. Chang-shik Yang worried conducts planned blackouts. Since the about me and asked the center direc- country��s domestic economy is weak, tor to find a husband for me. That was many people must leave their families how I met my husband. and work in foreign countries to In February 2015, we were able to support their families. I felt that True hold a blessing of thirty-five thou- Mother��s visit to Nepal was a visit to The writer received a revelation about her blessing in sand couples in Nepal in the pres- the Jeonshimwon prayer hall. liberate the peoples�� sorrows and ence of FFWPU International pain. President Sun Jin Moon. Deeply According to my husband, True A voice arose within me moved by this ceremony, I thought, Parents visited Nepal for the first time The Japanese Cheon Il Guk mission- ��How wonderful it would be if we thirteen years ago for the inaugura- ary providence started in June 2013 could have True Mother at Nepals tion of UPF on November 22, 2005. and I applied for the first class. next blessing ceremony!�� To see my On that day, the ten-year civil war in Heaven gave me Nepal as my mission dream come true in this way thrilled Nepal entered into a cease-fire agree- nation. A forty-day workshop preced- me. My husband and I shall remain ment under the Communist Party of ed our traveling to our mission in Nepal for a while. We will offer Nepal (Maoist) and the Seven Political nations and when I was praying in prayers and our sincere efforts to Parties�� agreement on the Twelve- Jeonshimwon (the prayer hall) I heard fulfill our mission as heavenly tribal Point Understanding for Peace. A year a voice in my heart say, ��My blessing messiahs. later, on November 21, 2006, the civil partner is in Nepal.�� Back then, al- war had finished completely. Nepal though I had applied to receive the The writer was thirty-four at the time of started to follow a path toward peace blessing with someone from another the event and is from the first group of on the exact day the Messiah came. country, I was not able to find my Japanese Cheon Il Guk Youth Missionaries. June 2019 43
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