1 2 Father was aging, in Kodiak, where that and left. So what would become always ask us to join him. We were especially when fishing, it can be of us? There were many other, more never able to go because we had to very cold and uncomfortable. How- terrible situations than that, but I cook his food. One time, however, a ever, I never saw them complain or cannot make them public. [*My Japanese cook came so we were able being negative. I never witnessed mom was laughing the whole time to go fishing. that. Back then, I took it for granted she was talking about these things.] It was silver salmon season and because they were True Parents. Many things happened in Karluk. each person managed to catch about Now, when I look back and think The trailer that we rented had not five fish. Around ten people were on about it, I think that always being been used in years. We went in and True Father��s boat. That was the first completely focused and so absolute had to scrub the whole place and the time I went fishing in Kodiak. But I is impossible. bathroom was not working properly. thought, ��This isn��t fishing; it��s war.�� One time, we were fishing in If you flushed the toilet, the water It was a condition for True Father. As Karluk [a tiny community on Ko- would leak into the next room. The soon as the boat��s anchor goes out, diak Island] and True Father��s boots feces would not go down either. The the fishing poles come out. If there were leaking. We did not even know water would leak into the next room. are ten people on the boat, the goal about it. He had water getting in his We had to clean it up with a rag and is fifty fish. If they caught fifty fish boots and we had to walk a long then sleep there at night. Yet even yesterday, the goal was to catch fifty distance. However, he said he was sleeping there in a sleeping bag was fish in a shorter amount of time happy because he paid more indem- not easy. If you were to see photos today. That is why it was not fishing nity. taken of us at that time, photos, all but war. For the first time in my life, Another time in Karluk only True Parents�� faces were swollen I did not get seasick. There was no about two or three guests?includ- from lack of sleep. time to get sick. Hence, all those ing Peter Kim and Rev. Park?the leaders, who visited Kodiak with the staff and the True Children were The best moments for me were when idea that it is a novelistic place, did there. We were all in one trailer with I would cook with a cookbook be- not even have a single second to one bathroom. True Father went to cause I wasn��t a very good cook, but admire the beautiful view or glance take a shower and we had just True Father said that it tasted good at the sky. We all completely focused arrived from the town of Kodiak. even though I made many mistakes. on catching five fish, and as the True Mother came out and told us, here was a time when I went fiftieth fish was being reeled in, the ��Do you know what True Father fishing with True Father. Usual- boat would already be leaving. True did? Father could not find a towel to Tly whenever True Father left for Father did this every day. Luckily, dry himself after showering. He or came back from fishing we would that day we had caught a king used the bathroom floor rug in- all greet him outside. Each time, salmon so Father was very happy. It stead.�� If you are True Father��s wife, because True Father was a parent was the first time I had ever had you could get upset at the situation, and was a person who overflowed such an intense experience. He but she didn��t. She just casually said with a parental heart, he would based his goals on achieving a 42 True Peace
3 1 True Father with a red salmon, introducing a think of it much when I had invited thirty years ago, called me from New granddaughter to the beauties of nature the mayor, but to True Parents it set York out of nowhere just to say hello. 2 True Parents with a king salmon; they loved a condition and they were very How did she find my number? I still nature and exerted great effort in setting conditions through outdoor pursuits. happy. After that, True Parents don��t know. I didn��t even know she 3 The large fish is an Alaskan halibut; members rarely went to Kodiak anymore. was in New York. She told me her working in the Alaskan fish industry participat- sister, Jeongsun, lives in Cheonan. Is ed in annual fishing contests. Why did you move back to Korea? this a strong enough sign to move to uring that time, True Father Korea? So I said, ��Okay, that is greater victory than yesterday. That said many times that mem- enough. It must be God��s will.�� So we was his condition. Dbers in America should move moved to Korea and got an apart- Another memorable experience to Korea. Just as when he told every- ment, which was miraculously also showed me who True Parents one to go to Jardim, we wanted to possible through Jeongsun��s friend��s are. One day True Mother called me obey. Also, the more I studied True friend who happened to be moving and gave me a ring. The reason for Parents�� words, the more I realized I out. this was that I had brought the then needed to learn about the vertical Kodiak mayor, Gabrielle LeDoux. relationship in order to build my What are you currently doing? We were friends even before she relationship with and understand rue Father told wives to get a became mayor and I had witnessed God��s and True Parents�� hearts. It master��s degree and doctorate. to her. After she became the mayor, I was also hard for my children to TThus, I went through the mas- invited her to visit True Parents. understand the vertical tradition. ter��s course in Pastoral Theology in What was amazing was that she did Miraculously, my husband got a Sunmoon University��s Theology not even come alone; she brought job at Sunmoon University at the Department. It was the best experi- her daughter along. That was ex- time I was thinking about this. Yet I ence of my life. I was then asked to tremely significant to True Parents. was still waiting for a strong sign manage the international Wonmo The fact that the mayor, the repre- from God because it was such a big Scholarship students at Sunmoon sentative of the people, had come to decision. We also needed a place to University, including the Korean greet True Parents was more signifi- stay in Cheonan, which is nearby Language Institute. This includes a cant than all the other people on the the school. I had been away so long hundred students from thirty differ- island greeting True Parents. from Korea; I didn��t know anybody ent countries. Even though my She must have told them that I in Cheonan. income is half what it was at my had invited her. Hence, True Mother So I said, ��Heavenly Father, I don��t previous job, I feel as if I have been gave me a ring. True Parents visited know anybody in Cheonan. How is prepared for this job, this mission. I Kodiak often and it was meaningful this going to be possible? How is my am very happy to contribute to for the mayor, who was in the posi- big family going to move to Korea?�� raising leaders of the next generation tion of the Cain-world, to meet True Then I got a phone call from New for the substantiation of Cheon Il Parents with her daughter. I did not York. Someone I knew back in Korea Guk. March 2016 43
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